WWII games Jurgen Klinsmann would approve of…

To celebrate the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, and the fact the world cup starts in 3 weeks, MrLuvvaLuvva have decided that we’d posit which of the numerous WWII games out there that world football legend, Jurgen Klinsmann, would appreciate the most*.

Jurgen Klinsmann post

*Of course we will remain sensitive to Jurgen’s German heritage ¬_¬

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The curse of the gaming backlog


Chances are if you’re reading this article you are an avid and active gamer but take a second and think, how many games do you own?

Now you have a rough figure, think some more…how many of those games have you seen the end of?

If those two numbers are not the same i’m afraid you have fallen into the trap that all gamer’s do; you have accumulated a gaming backlog. However fear not for you are not alone! According to Valve 37% of games bought on steam have NEVER been loaded let alone completed.

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Reader Interaction: The fork in the road for gaming

Gaming seems to be swiftly coming to an impasse. Most the pre-E3 talk has been about Facebook purchasing Oculus Rift and Sony creating their competitor the Project Morpheus.

Partner this trend with the Vitruix Omnidirectional treadmill and theres a very clear message in gaming…full immersion is the next big thing!

OculusRift  project morpheus

It seems that gamer’s are fully behind this trend and want to be fully immersed in their hobby..or do they?

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Monsters in gaming the H.R. Giger would (probably) love

On Tuesday 13th May; the artist who designed, and terrified us all with, the Alien creature died. H.R. Giger was a visionary of cinema with an amazing talent for the grotesque. In memorandum Mrluvvaluvva is looking at creature design in gaming that we think he’d love and scoring them using our patented Gigermeter.

This ones for you H.R.


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7/10 Game-a-thon: Sleeping Dogs


We delve deeper into the backlog here at MrLuvvaLuvva.

The game formerly know as True Crime: Hong Kong persevered through a very protracted development and cancellation to finally see the light of day.

But is it an experience worth waking up for? Or is it best for these dogs to stay sleeping?

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5 ‘New Titanfall Experiences’


This week EA and Respawn’s Vince Zampella announced that they are working on “new Titanfall experiences”! We’re fans of Titanfall here, and we’ve been intrigued as what this could mean; what is a “new Titanfall experience”?

Just in case EA and Respawn haven’t made up their mind, here’s a few ideas…

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Has the ‘next gen’ come too soon?


Now that we’re officially six months into the ‘next gen’ (give or take a few days/weeks) it’s time to take stock of what we have witnessed.

Release of Titanfall.
Release of Infamous second son.
Indie-game developers preferring Sony over Microsoft.
Sales figures (or dick waggling as i call it) from both companies.

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