Famous console malfunctions -Part 1

MALFUNCTIONIn case you missed it; the Nintendo Switch was released last week, and amid all the pictures of excited gamers with their wares, the unboxing videos and of course the gameplay footage of Zelda (which is seemingly the only game people bought for the system) there was an undercurrent of people who were less than happy with their purchase. Continue reading


Games with Gold February 2017

Microsoft have announced the selection of games with gold for February 2017 and it is an excellent month for both consoles!

The quality of titles is extremely high and of course there are the benefits of Backwards compatibility and 3200 in gamerscore up for grabs!

Here are the games you will be given for free come next Wednesday. Continue reading

Games that remind me of Christmas #4


It’s better late than never!

The Christmas season has officially begun at Luvva Towers (and with only a week left to the big day – Cheers Luvva; or should I say Scrooge?!) and what better way to forward to the big day than by looking into the Christmas’ that have passed?

I will have content, pretty much every day this week for you in an effort to make up for a last quarter with less than 1/3 of our usual output! I know it won’t make up for that, but it will; hopefully begin to atone for it!

Our first post celebrating the most Jesus-y of days is of course a continuation of a series we started last year; talking about games that remind us of Christmas, even though they may have nothing to do with Christmas in content.

To refresh your memories; my first game was ‘Ridge Racer’ (you can read why here), I’ve covered ‘Tomb Raider’ and even Sherry has chatted about ‘Rock Band’! Which brings us bang up to date and the first reminiscing of this year; which is going to be ‘Assassin’s Creed’! Continue reading

5 big Gaming Surprises IRL

About a month ago I told everyone who follows me on twitter to sign up for the Pokemon newsletter because they were advertising that everyone who signs up would get a code for one of the legendary birds(distributed at random). Well this morning I got my email and instead of just one code, I got a code for them all! What an awesome surprise!


It got me thinking, what are the best surprises that gaming has ever given us?

Lets dive through the history books and take a peak shall we? Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #27

Another week has passed, another piece of DLC that I am desperate to play is imminent. And it is time to tell you guys what I have enjoyed reading this week!

Before I do that though, I’m gonna ask for you guys to send me your GOTY with a little paragraph explaining why you have chosen it. I’m hoping/planning/wishing to run a little series of posts over the Christmas period and would love it if you guys would/could contribute. All credit will be given and I’d be eternally grateful (might even have a prize for my favourite one!).

Now that’s done, here’s the posts of the past week! If you have read something awesome this week, then please link to it in the comments! Continue reading