WWII games Jurgen Klinsmann would approve of…

To celebrate the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, and the fact the world cup starts in 3 weeks, MrLuvvaLuvva have decided that we’d posit which of the numerous WWII games out there that world football legend, Jurgen Klinsmann, would appreciate the most*.

Jurgen Klinsmann post

*Of course we will remain sensitive to Jurgen’s German heritage ¬_¬

1) Company of heroes: Opposing fronts

Company of heroes opposing forces

Not only is Company of heroes a great RTS game that will allow Jurgen to flex his tactical muscle before his USA begin their campaign to win the world cup. This expansion; Opposing forces, will allow him to change the course of history too! Double win!

Jurgen can now take control of the fictional (but very much based on the Panzer Lehr) Kampfgruppe Lehr as they campaign through Holland in search of a way to stop the British. What’s not to love about that for a strong German-National?

Nothing thats what! Jurgen would love it! Very much!

2) Turning Point: Fall of liberty

Turning Point

Jurgen doesn’t mind average games, we know this because he chose to coach the US national soccer team. Using the same logic we know he’d also love Turning Point: Fall of liberty for one simple reason, Germany won the war in Europe at a canter; now its the turn of the Americans to feel the wrath of the third Reich!

Jurgen can play through the campaign of Dan Carson which ends with

*spoiler alert*

Him dying to save liberty (somehow). Jurgen would approve of all things in this game, except the murder of hundreds of German soldiers.

3) Medal of Honor: Allied Assault


Aside from the fact that honour is spelt incorrectly; we know that Jurgen would love allied assault. Who doesn’t want a cinematic experience that in 2002 rivaled the best that Hollywood had to offer. Worth its admission price for the invasion of Normandy alone; Jurgen is a classy man, he loves Saving Private Ryan (probably) so he’d rate this game highly.

We’re sure he’d disprove the murder of German soldiers, but how could he not smile as he is whisked on a rollercoaster storyline through Europe? He couldn’t!

4) Battlefield 1942


Jurgen is a very competitive man; that’s why he chose professional sport as his career, he is a born winner and would do anything to succeed! Who can forget his dive in the 1990 world cup?

here’s a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB7Y33VteME

So we feel that this spirit of competition is perfectly suited for the online only Battlefield 1942. Jurgen can assume any role he chooses and he can fight as either American or German soldiers, this is literally the game he was born to play.

5) Iron Front: Liberation 1944


Again this is very much an average game; however it is also tactical and will give Jurgen the opportunity to fight on the side of the Germans, we feel that he would buy into this game in a big way. Tactical and action pact German fun! That’s what our Jurgen demands from his videogames.

Do you agree with our choices?

Would Jurgen like any other WWII games?

Why not let us know in the comments section below…


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