Reader Interaction: The fork in the road for gaming

Gaming seems to be swiftly coming to an impasse. Most the pre-E3 talk has been about Facebook purchasing Oculus Rift and Sony creating their competitor the Project Morpheus.

Partner this trend with the Vitruix Omnidirectional treadmill and theres a very clear message in gaming…full immersion is the next big thing!

OculusRift  project morpheus

It seems that gamer’s are fully behind this trend and want to be fully immersed in their hobby..or do they?

A quick look on shows that many gamers are choosing to pursue their hobby vicariously. They are choosing to watch gamers play the games they themselves want to play…effectively turning gaming into a third-person activity. Meta. On Monday evening lirik had an impressive viewership of over 11,000 people.

Liriki viewing figure

I’m not a market analyst but i do know one thing; in a market it is impossible for two directly incompatible things to co-exist, only one can flourish, my question is which one is it going to be?

For any medium to be successful it needs to continuously evolve, cinema has reinvented itself several times since the 1930’s and it’s this evolution that has kept it relevant. Movies have made giant leaps forward since the days of Casablanca and Gone with the wind.

Gaming however is a past-time that demands interaction, its built on it. Can ‘let’s plays’ really offer an alternative to actually playing games? Sure it will save time for those who have it as a premium, and it is cheaper to watch people like Lirik or Markiplier play the games we’re not sure of, rather than taking the plunge ourselves.

Like-wise gaming has swiftly become a social activity, we can involve our loved ones in our hobby and; in the post-Wii world, they will be receptive of playing. Can wearing virtual reality goggles; and shutting the outside world out, really move the medium forward?

Or can gaming afford to stay static? Have we reached the Zenith of gaming? We have games to cater for the Hardcore, casual and non-traditional gamer’s. Have we reached a point where any change will upset this inclusiveness and fine balance? Could a major change result in a crash like the one in 1983? Can these three things coexist?

What do you guys think?

Vote in the poll and let me know; and as always please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below and follow the blog (on the right above the twitter feed)


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