Has the ‘next gen’ come too soon?


Now that we’re officially six months into the ‘next gen’ (give or take a few days/weeks) it’s time to take stock of what we have witnessed.

Release of Titanfall.
Release of Infamous second son.
Indie-game developers preferring Sony over Microsoft.
Sales figures (or dick waggling as i call it) from both companies.

It’s certainly been an interesting few months; the console war has kicked into top gear. Fanboys are foaming at the mouths on various sites and are holding their console-of-choice next games. Let us take a quick look at the games; currently confirmed for 2014 and next gen only,

MLB: The Show
Elder Scrolls Online
Drive Club
Project Cars.
Batman: Arkham Knight
Assassins Creed: Unity
EA Sports: UFC 2014

7 games! That’s your lot between now and christmas.

Now as an experiment let us take a look at games being released on ‘last gen’; we’ll count games that are also ‘next gen’ (the games in bold also have a next gen version).

Bound By Flame
Super Time Force
Drakengard 3
Mugen Souls Z
Wolfenstein: The new order
Watch Dogs
Murdered: Soul Suspect
Enemy front
Grid Autosport
Sniper Elite
Ultra SFIV
One Piece: Unlimited World
Tales of Xilia 2
Madden 15
NHL 15
Sacred 3
The Evil Within
Risen 3: Titan lords
Fairy Fencer F
Naruto Shippuden
Alien Isolation
Dragon Age: Inquisition
NBA 2K15
WWE 2K15
COD: Advanced Warfare

27 games (12 with next gen versions) is (maths time) 3.86 times more games for the ‘last gen’. A simple question to ask now is, did the next gen come too early for developers?

This article wasn’t made only on the flimsy premise of the release schedule there are other factors that contributed to the thought, lets get them into the open.

  • Developers being unable to achieve parity between Xbox One and PS4 – even with last gen games such as AC: Black Flag.
  • Titanfall being so damned good on Xbox 360: so good in fact that Respawn purposefully kept it under wraps – currently only 1% under the Xbox One version on metacritic.
  • The massive, and still unexplained, delay to drive club.
  • The reluctance of developers/publishers to abandon the previous gen; even though there has been nearly 10,000,000 units sold.
  • Microsoft having no clear business plan for the One. Which has been exasperated by the rumours that they are looking into hiring software guys to ‘overclock’ the One to close the disparity between it and the PS4 – rather than just doing this at the R’N’D stage – the biggest hint that it was rushed.
  • Xbox One not having a 50hz mode for European & Rest of world markets.
  • Both consoles missing key features – Xbox One missing Sky T.V. and PS4 missing Gaikai.

If we take all of this; it leads me to the only logical explanation, the next gen came far too early for the industry. November 2014 makes much more sense. Games could’ve been optimised for the ‘Next Gen’; getting rid of awkward cross-generation games that stifle progress. Microsoft could’ve created a console that had parity with the PS4. Sony could have ironed out issues with Gaikai. Nintendo could have, i dunno, made games for the WiiU.

Did the next gen come too early?

Would November 2014 been too late?

Is PC the real next gen?

As always please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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