MrLuvva’s Luv-In #40

Here we are, the end of an era. This will be the last post of the Luv-In, in its current format. From next week every post I like will make the cut so depending on volume of good posts, there may or may not be a descriptor beside the link.

This week though, I have seven very good posts for you! It’s been a busy week too, Pokemon celebrations have gotten underway in spectacular fashion – we saw the release of Blue/Red/Yellow in the e-shop and everyone I know is playing it! Pokemania has returned!

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Street Fighter V Review

…Another Fight Is Coming Your Way


After many iterations of Street Fighter IV, Capcom have finally decided that they should probably move on with their lives and fighting game fans should do the same. So last week they gave us Street Fighter V! So how did it end up? Let’s find out! Continue reading

Updated: The Division BETA Thoughts

Splash The Division

It is now less than two weeks until the launch of ‘The Division’ and also a few days after the second BETA has closed. This is the last time we’ll see the game until March 8th (only two short weeks away) so this will be my last post on the game until the review in early March.

I played the open BETA and I’m here to offer you my updated thoughts and feelings about the game. To save you some time I will offer the following disclaimer; my thoughts on the gameplay, graphics etc can be found in my original post here! In this follow-up post I’ll be concentration on the things that I was less impressed by in the closed BETA and assess if they have been improved upon and; of course, to give you my final thoughts on the state of play.

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The Plague of Half-Finished Games


‘Street Fighter V’ launched last week.

Don’t know if you heard.

It got great reviews. Well mostly. Critically it is currently sitting at a 79 on metacritic; which is far from a bad game, but it is also a distance from the highs the ‘Street Fighter’ franchise is known for.

It gets even worse, the user score is sitting at 34!! A score that is unheard of in a numbered sequel in one of gaming’s most famous franchises, the best in genre, hell the best in some generations! How in the hell can a mainline ‘Street Fighter’ game be sitting on a 34?

Well those negative reviews are pretty scathing and all of them focused on one issue. An issue that has become  more and more prevalent in recent years. Although Capcom have sunk to some very deep depths over the years they would surely want to keep Street Fighters name untarnished. Right? Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #39

The posts just keep on coming! Last week was the first in 7 that I had the full complement of posts (3 from myself and 1 from MrJohnSherry)! We did it guys! We broke the cycle!

As we near the mystical 40 for our Luv-In posts, something came to my attention, namely I’m not fulfilling my role as a member of our community! I am not commenting on enough of your great posts; hell I’m not even liking enough of them (I mean physically clicking the like button)! So this is the penultimate Luv-In of the current format; from Luv-In #40 I will be listing each post that I like/comment on, with a quick sentence on content!

This should be motivation enough for me to play a larger role in our community! It also means that the Luv-In’s will, more than likely, have many more links than they currently do! Live and let live!

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Trans-Galactic Tournament Beta Thoughts

…May not be representative of final product.


Rewind to Wednesday morning and I was just casually browsing the internet when I came across a tweet from Playstation Europe reading “Trans-Galactic Tournament now available in the EU!” Now, I can’t be the only one but my first thought was “What in gods name is Trans-Galactic Tournament?!” So I thought I would try it out so you don’t have too – but really, you should! Continue reading

Gaming Mechanic Fads

Gaming mechanics are literally, the fundamentals of every game we play; they govern everything in every game. They are why we love (and hate) some titles and genres. They aren’t just important they are imperative!

And yet they, like everything else in gaming, can become a slave to the fashion and throughout gaming history there have been many, many instances of mechanics being implemented because they are cool, rather than they improve the game. Some of these mechanics were awful and some were awesome, I’ll leave you to decide which is which.

What I have here are some of the biggest gaming mechanic fads that have transpired in my lifetime – if you can think of any more, please tell me in the comments/twitter/facebook. Continue reading

Hardware: Rivals Review

PSPlus has spoiled us over the years. I’ve lost count of the great games I have been ‘given’ through the program; not everyone is as happy with the service as I am. It has also come under fire in the current generation though. Gamers with too high expectations or that have become entitled through Sony’s past generosity.Hardware Rivals SplashIn January – Sony announced that one of PSPlus’ offerings would be a sequel to the forgotten PS2 game ‘Hardware: Online Arena’. The question is though, is ‘Hardware: Rivals’ a game to change the fortune of PSPlus, or is it a game to forget; much likes its predecessor? Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #38

Here it is, the start of my mid-term break and surely the first week in 7 that will have my 3 posts (and a forth from Sherry)! You have my word on that guys!

We are not here to discuss the odds of me following that through though (currently sitting at about 10-1); rather we’re here to see what I have been reading this week. And I have been reading a lot of stuff, it was the most difficult week for me to condense down into 7 posts. But condense I have! Here are what I consider to be the best posts I’ve read this week!

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