…Please Sir, can I have some more?


So as many as you will know, I like to partake in streaming once or twice a week (www.twitch.tv/mrjohnsherry , Shameless plug!)- it’s a great escape and I love getting to chat with the few people who come to every stream. But, having started streaming The Crew : Wild Run, I have been inundated with people begging for me (or others in chat) to buy the expansion for them. Continue reading

#TGTBATU: Playstation Plus December Announcement

Welcome to another edition of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! The series that allows us to look at the gaming community’s collective psyche and analyse it for satirical value!

I don’t know how it works in America, but here in Europe Sony announce their monthly PS Plus updates directly on their blog and every month it follows the same pattern:

  1. Announce games coming off PS Plus
  2. Announce games taking their place on PS Plus
  3. Get flamed by irate Playstation gamers as they tell you this month is “shit”, the “worst ever” and that they’ll “allow subscription to expire”.

I don’t know what Sony has to do really, PS Plus is a great deal, you get 2 games per console every month and it allows you to play online, for £35 a year! I remember moving to the Xbox 360 ten years ago and paying £40 a year just to play online!

The entitlement of gamers knows no limits and to complain about stuff you get for free is the epitome of it.

It’s no surprise then that when Sony announced Decembers offerings (that are admittedly disappointing, but free) the response was less than glowing… Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #27

Another week has passed, another piece of DLC that I am desperate to play is imminent. And it is time to tell you guys what I have enjoyed reading this week!

Before I do that though, I’m gonna ask for you guys to send me your GOTY with a little paragraph explaining why you have chosen it. I’m hoping/planning/wishing to run a little series of posts over the Christmas period and would love it if you guys would/could contribute. All credit will be given and I’d be eternally grateful (might even have a prize for my favourite one!).

Now that’s done, here’s the posts of the past week! If you have read something awesome this week, then please link to it in the comments! Continue reading

Bloodborne Review

With the release of The Old Hunters just on the horizon, I felt it was time that I finally got my review published. As always it will be spoiler free!


Coming from Miyazaki and his studio that gave us Demons Souls and Dark Souls – comes Bloodborne. A game that is fully aware of its heritage. A game takes opportunities to subvert the players expectations. A game that challenges those who come with familiarity to change everything they know of it.  Continue reading

Reviews and What They Mean To Gamers

This year has been a funny one for reviews, we’ve seen several scandals revolving around games companies paying massive YouTubers and Streamers to positively review their products without stating that they were paid. As well as (the now standard) review embargoes on the day of release, the day after release and even review copies not being sent to publications at all!

It got me thinking, how important are reviews to gamers?

Do they really sway purchasing decisions for the masses?


Oh Tony I once loved you!

I decided to take the highest profile review controversy case of the year the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 (THPS5 from here) release. The only release this year to have NO reviews before it hit digital distribution services and shop shelves across the planet.
Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #26

We are officially halfway through November which means we have 2 more weeks of games being released, which in turn means that 2015 is all but finished.

It is around this time of year that I look back upon my gaming memories and start to think about my game of the year candidates. This year, in an attempt to cement our little community, I am asking you to send me your Games of the year so I can run a little series of posts over the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be long, just choose your game and explain why it’s your favourite game.

The task here though is to create a buzz for good posts, and I have a selection of great posts! And like last time, if you have found a great post please link it in the comment section!

As always, click, read, like and enjoy. Continue reading

The Crew Review

the crew

The Crew Wild Run is out in a matter of hours and, as timing would have it, I have recently finished the vanilla version. Has there ever been a better time to publish a review to a year old game?

In October last year I took part in the BETA for The Crew and wrote my thoughts here. While I enjoyed it I also had some reservations about the game, specifically some technical issues that reared their head throughout the BETA including texture issues and general bugs. Thankfully all of these have been ironed out and The Crew is a genuinely great arcade racer. Continue reading

Kinect: An Obituary


Goodnight sweet prince

Today saw the release of the Xbox One’s new software update and it introduces a number of improvements including being the fastest iteration of the dash, Windows 10 integration, “backwards compatibility” (even though it isn’t actually backwards compatibility but emulation) and a new guide.

Sounds great so far!

But there is  a hidden sadness to the news; Microsoft announced in an interview with Windows Central that the number of people using gesture control on the dash was “very, very small” and from today on they will be removed from the software. This marks another nail in the peripheral’s coffin and puts an end on our Minority Report dreams of floating computers.

And I for one am sad about this; not because the Kinect was ever very good, but because the potential for it to be great is easily apparent and it was wasted due to mismanagement by Microsoft and a; not altogether unreasonable backlash from gamers. For a technical stand point the device was an amazing feat, it tracks 20 joints on your body 30 times a second, it’s amazing.

As today marks the death of the Kinect I want to remember its positives and give it a send off worthy of the fastest selling electronic device ever. Continue reading