MrLuvva’s Luv-In #55

Another week is gone, and I’m still without a logo for this feature! I really should designate some time to that this week (unlikely to happen). Sure, it’ll be done one day! I’m also attempting to repair my chair too, it keeps lowering the seat height at random (I may take pictures and create a ‘how to’ post on that!)

On topic though, I have been reading a lot of stuff this week, and I do have a crop of great posts –  and I have assembled them here for your convenience! Be sure to support each of these great blogs and as always, link a good post you know of in the comments! Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award!


First and foremost I want to extend and heartfelt thank you to Vahrkalla for nominating me for this award.

*cue Oscar tears*

It genuinely means a lot to me that people not only read my gaming drivel, but enjoy it too! Please check out Vahrkalla’s blog if you haven’t already (he is a regular fixture in my Luv-In posts) because it will make you laugh, think and appreciate all things gaming! It’s just a great blog! Continue reading

2nd Anniversary Celebrations #6

This is my last highlight post as part of this years celebrations (although Sherry still has his on Sunday) and to be honest, I’m a little sad – the second year is gone and April is fading away.

On the bright side though, it’s snowing outside as I type this and the dawn of the third year of MrLuvvaLuvva is upon us and I do have some changes that I want to make. I’ll talk about those in a future post though; but some are exciting and some are very different to what you may expect.

News will be coming soon – you may even see something before the announcement! Continue reading

2nd Anniversary Celebrations #5

Well the anniversary date has officially passed, but we’re gonna keep this party going until the end of the week! That means we’ll have a few more good posts for you to enjoy – then we’re into May which is my birthday month, the NBI and the big rush for E3 and Gamescom! Exciting times ahead!

If I picked my last post because I was almost 100% correct with it, then today’s post is the diametric opposite to it! Here was a time that I was 100% completely wrong! In my hubris I cocked up!  Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #48

Well the past week has been a very good one for all involved in Luvva Towers – it saw me upload my first YouTube video in nearly a year, I received my free Elgato HD60S (review incoming), I got into the ‘Mirrors Edge: Catalyst’ Closed BETA and it was a  belter of week for the blog! Success!

I’ve also been reading a ton of stuff on the pages of other fine blogs and; by now, you really should know what to do, bu just in case you don’t – click the links that tickle your fancy and support these great blogs! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #44

In a week that has seen chocolate day (Easter), the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the horrific reviews and the comic geeks vociferously defend it with the mantra “the critics just don’t understand!”…

…comes the latest installment of my luv-in! This week I have read and enjoyed a hell of a lot of your stuff; but my clicking of the like button has gone to pot already! If your post is here rest assured that I bloody enjoyed your stuff!

As always please click the links that take your fancy, then click the others as well, support these guys – every single one of them deserves it!

Until next week guys!

Luv you all, bye! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #43

It’s been a busy, busy week in LuvvaLuvva Towers. I didn’t even realised that I had missed a post until I sat down to compile the posts I’ve been reading this week!

How could I let that happen?

Maybe it was because I was too busy reading everyone else’s stuff to write my own because this weeks roundup is chock full of great posts that deserve all your attention! So I ask; like every week, that you click the links that tickle your fancy and support all these great blogs!

General Gaming Posts

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MrLuvva’s Luv-In #42

It has already been a crazy busy week for me!  I sat down last night to write this post and my WordPress Reader was not responding, typical. With every update it seems that wordpress make ever facet of their UI worse – please do not get me started on their new and “improved” post editor (thank God WP Admin still exists)!

Anyway. Although I’ve been having issues on my side with creating posts, it has been smooth sailing with reading them, as always please click on the links that interest you so we can support these great writers! Also why not follow Cary’s example and leave a good post in the comment section while you are here?! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #39

The posts just keep on coming! Last week was the first in 7 that I had the full complement of posts (3 from myself and 1 from MrJohnSherry)! We did it guys! We broke the cycle!

As we near the mystical 40 for our Luv-In posts, something came to my attention, namely I’m not fulfilling my role as a member of our community! I am not commenting on enough of your great posts; hell I’m not even liking enough of them (I mean physically clicking the like button)! So this is the penultimate Luv-In of the current format; from Luv-In #40 I will be listing each post that I like/comment on, with a quick sentence on content!

This should be motivation enough for me to play a larger role in our community! It also means that the Luv-In’s will, more than likely, have many more links than they currently do! Live and let live!

As always make sure you click each of these fine links and support these damn fine writers; if you have a great post that deserves attention, then comment the address! I want to extend my thanks to everyone who supports me and the fine writers who adorn these posts! Until next week… Continue reading

Things I loved In The Division BETA

Splash The Division‘The Division’ BETA weekend was one hell of a weekend, wasn’t it?

I had so much fun running around New York discovering secrets and getting sweet loot. And although the content was thin on the ground, there was so much more than meets the eye in this BETA.

You can find my full findings here; but what did I enjoy doing the most with this BETA? Well, it’s quite a long list, and it might not be what you are expecting!
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