MrLuvva’s Luv-In #39

The posts just keep on coming! Last week was the first in 7 that I had the full complement of posts (3 from myself and 1 from MrJohnSherry)! We did it guys! We broke the cycle!

As we near the mystical 40 for our Luv-In posts, something came to my attention, namely I’m not fulfilling my role as a member of our community! I am not commenting on enough of your great posts; hell I’m not even liking enough of them (I mean physically clicking the like button)! So this is the penultimate Luv-In of the current format; from Luv-In #40 I will be listing each post that I like/comment on, with a quick sentence on content!

This should be motivation enough for me to play a larger role in our community! It also means that the Luv-In’s will, more than likely, have many more links than they currently do! Live and let live!

As always make sure you click each of these fine links and support these damn fine writers; if you have a great post that deserves attention, then comment the address! I want to extend my thanks to everyone who supports me and the fine writers who adorn these posts! Until next week…

500 Posts And Almost As Many Friends – Karl Weller is an almost constant fixture on these pages and he has hit a major milestone, 500 posts! Congrats Karl, I look forward to reading your next 500!

Manny Pacquiao’s Homophobic Comments Lead Nike To Drop Him – What Are Your Thoughts On His Comments? – Manny Pacquiao is many things, a great boxer, hugely popular, “the people’s champ” but not many of us would have put “homophobic” on our list of adjectives of the man. Last week however he we public with not one, but two hugely offensive points of view that led to him losing major sponsorship deals! Visit BLW and see what people think of the man now…

Fallout 4 Mega Review – Vahrkalla doesn’t lie when he calls his review a “Mega Review” this is an epic read, which is brilliantly put together and well worth the time! He literally covers everything here and it leaves no doubt as to whether or not you should buy the game (if you are on the fence of course). Brilliant stuff!

Black Desert Online: Closed BETA 2 First Impressions –  This is an MMO that I have my eye on because of its sweet, sweet combat system! Rather than me pre-order to take part in a BETA I’d have no idea what the hell was going on in, I decided to sit back and let people who have a deep understanding of the genre tell me if it is worth it! IronWeakness has convinced me to continue waiting and see how it develops with his write-up; thanks Iron!

Random Thought About Solo Play And Aloneness – What appeared as a very short post about gaming alone in large multiplayer worlds created some of the best discussion I’ve seen in a comment section in a long time! Jeromai has a true gift when it comes to interacting with her (?) community – fantastic stuff!

Quick Thoughts: Bloodborne, Destiny and Street Fighter V – Izlain finally joined us on the dark side of gaming #thisis4theplayers and here he is, giving us the skinny on his first experience on the correct side of console gaming! I kid of course, but this is a great wee introduction to his experiences and I look forward to his SFV rant! Bring it on Izzy!

Why I Might Be Turning Into A PC Gamer (And Why That Scares Me) –  It’s been a while since the DuckofIndeed has graced us here on these fine pages, but this post was just too good to ignore! Duck explores her (?) mixed feelings towards relying on the PC for a gaming fix! Embrace it I say, it’s great to play games on the format they were designed – I just wanted to add that the WiiU is a superb console 😛

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