Iterative Consoles Are Terrible For The Industry

Since the last time when we looked at the rumours of iterative consoles with an optimistic eye (read that here!); Phil Spencer has come out and called the idea of an Xbox 1.5 silly. However this could be a smokescreen and we must remember that every coin has two sides, and this coin is no different.

Rather than a tails though, this two sided coin potentially has a massive FU to consumers!

Lets take a peek at how iterative consoles would be terrible for us and the industry at large! Continue reading

Iterative consoles are great for the industry

All over the Internet there are rumours and “leaks” claiming that both Microsoft and Sony are readying the Xbox 1.5 and PlayStation 4K for release in the very near future. Of course the Internet has reacted in the default way – rage – lots and lots of rage. Comments such as “I am done with Sony if this is true”¬†and “fuck Microsoft” are all too common place, and premature if you ask me.

Iterative consoles have the potential to change the gaming landscape in a very positive way.

If they are done right it could be the best thing to ever happen gaming.

“How?!” I hear you scream at your monitor. Well in the following ways dear reader. Continue reading

How Gaming Leaks Are Saving The Industry

On Thursday I introduced the world to a new series; Devil’s Advocate, and I kick started it by looking at the negatives of gaming leaks – well it wouldn’t be much of a balanced argument if we ignored the good things that leaks do for the industry; now would it?

A leaking copper pipe

I hate leaks, they ruin surprises and make E3 a formality rather than the pinnacle of the gaming calendar. Yet after I had written my last post I got thinking about how they benefit the industry, and here is what I came up with. Continue reading

How Gaming Leaks Are Killing The Industry

Welcome to a new series that I am calling “Devil’s Advocate” – in this series I’ll be taking contentious issues in gaming and look at them from both sides of the fence! Let’s get the discussion following in that there comment section!

touts will be shot

I come from Northern Ireland. A country¬†that has been torn apart by terrorism. A country that has been trying to rebuild for nigh on twenty years. A country that “touting” on anyone you knew to be in a terrorist organisation, was (and kinda still is) a crime punishable by being shot in the kneecaps and left for all to see.

And yet we are living in a time where people who claim to be a “AAA Developer” with access to console developer kits, taking their “knowledge” to the internet in a vain bid to become “internet famous”. And these touts are absolutely destroying the industry they claim to love in a number of ways. Continue reading