Why I want Playstation VR

….I can touc..no I can’t.


In around 3 weeks time, the future of console gaming will be arriving. Sure it has been out on PC for quite some time now but hey – we just ignore stuff like that around here! So with the hefty price tag of £349.99 here in the UK (and that is just the headset) why should I be interested in it? Apart from the thrill of new tech! Continue reading

What Went Down At The Sony Meeting?

In case you live under a rock, a cave on Mars or under a rock IN a cave on Mars – you have missed a pretty big press conference; the Sony meeting. Usually this goes by relatively un-noticed by the general gaming public because, to be honest, nothing really happens for us.

This year is different though, rumours of iterative PS4 (referred to those “in the know” as the NEO or PS$K) had been doing the rounds since last year (remember this post?), on top of the massive leak of the new PS4 Slim model doing the rounds on the socials. Interest was high based on TWO new consoles – and as it transpired this interest was well warranted.

Why is that you ask? Well dear reader, I’m here to keep you from trawling the internet for the details of these new consoles as well as saving you the pain of sitting through lengthy tech talk (that was boring as shit) – here’s what went down at the Sony meeting. Continue reading

Knowing Your Role

…no need to shut your mouth though!

Heroes never die

Recently I have started getting back into Overwatch pretty exclusively! Spent a lot of time but not in my usual role. To be fair, I took about a 2 month break (I am still not even at competitive level yet!) so when I came back, I was a bit pants at using the likes of Tracer compared to how I used to be! So before I rage quit I decided I would try a type of class I never do. Continue reading