Resident Evil VII is the PSVR Killer App


Resident Evil VII released last Tuesday and received great reviews – some proclaimed it as the return of survival horror and the saviour of the genre. After playing two hours of it; it’s hard to argue against those ascertains, it truly is a brilliant game.

However during my sweep of reviews for the game I noticed something; a little odd, the PS4 reviews were ever-so-slightly higher than the other formats and at first I wondered why this was. Then I brought my copy home, installed it and placed my PSVR visor on; it hit me like a ton of bricks within the first ten minutes – this is the reason I bought the PSVR – and is the reason you should too! Continue reading


Resident Evil VII DLC Lands Today on PS4(plus how to play the DLC).

Thanks to the exclusivity deal with Sony (thank you PSVR) the first DLC pack for Resident Evil 7 has hit the PSN store!

This pack is called ‘Banned Footage Vol.1’ and it has quite a lot of content including; Continue reading

Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend 2nd – 5th February on all platforms

Ubisoft released a trailer announcing a free play weekend for ‘Rainbow 6 Siege’.

It gives players full access to the game and all progression that carries over to the game should you decide to purchase it of course! 

This is the perfect time to try it out if you have been on the fence about the game.

It’s just a little strange to do this on the same weekend the ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ is on closed BETA! 

But hey, profit from Ubisoft’s generosity! 

Has Skate 4 just been announced?

A couple of days ago the community manager of EA (Daniel Lingen) sent out a tweet on his personal account that made the internet lose its mind! 

It was just a hashtag and nothing else…

Does this mean that Skate 4 is coming? 

Has it just been announced? 

Hopefully we’ll find out in the very near future! 

Of course the hardcore fans of the series who have bombarded EA with requests of the game at every opportunity got very excited. The teaser tweet was retweeted 10,000 times  and got 20,000 likes that show EA that appetite is there for a new skate game! 

As long as it is better than THPS5; I’ll be happy! 

VR A Step Too Far? heart can only take so much!


As you all know by now – and if you don’t where have you been? Resident Evil 7 came out this week! That’s right, and after the (in my opinion) unmitigated disasters that were 5 and 6 they have went back to their survival horror roots leaving the crappy third person shooter action games firmly in the past – where I hope the stay! The biggest change is the first person perspective, and with that Capcom thought it would be a great idea to add VR to the mixture! So did I. How is it really though? Continue reading