My New Year Resolution

….apart from 1080p.

So ladies and gentlemen, now that Christmas is out of the way we have reached that point in the year where we all make pointless resolutions which we will all drop by January 2nd. What will mine be I hear you all eagerly ask? Will I join a gym and work out 20 times a week and end up looking like Dwayne Johnson? Probably not, but I have a little challenge for myself, let’s just use it as a resolution too!

Challenge Accepted

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2015: A Year in Review Part 1

It’s that time of year, Christmas is gone and the new year is looming, we all become introspective and look for ways in which we can improve our lives and reflect on the year that has gone.

Over the next two posts I’m going to be looking over my year both on a personal and gaming level! 2015 has been a massive one for me on a personal level. It was a year full of changes; some that were amazing and some that were decidedly less positive.

I hope you enjoy my indulgence. Happy New Year Everyone!

*N.B.: Game of the month not necessarily released that month*
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Luvva’s Luv-In #32

Being Christmas week, I’ve been extraordinarily busy. As a result this weeks roundup is shorter than usual (5 instead of 7 posts) – and it has a very specific theme, let’s see if you can spot it.

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Christmas Game Updates Are Back In Vogue!

cooltext152318081713357Last year I wrote two articles about games that used Christmas as a way of working the festive period into their games (here and here). Sometimes they used Christmas as a setting for a level or a free demo expansion, and others they put in cameo’s by Santa, elves or other Christmassy people.

While I was writing these articles I noticed that the games that made the effort were either MMORPGs (yawn) or games from a bygone era. I thought that the game industry had fallen out of love with the holiday season – and it left me a bit sad. I used to love buying my favourite magazine and getting a Christmas level for my favourite games…

…this year however, developers have completely surprised me!

Loads of games have been given FREE Christmas updates. Surprisingly there are many big name games taking part in the festivities so to help you guys weed out the crap, I’m here to list the ones that sound the most interesting to help you keep the holiday feeling going in your house! Continue reading

Merry Christmas!


MrJohnSherry and I would like to extend our thanks to every single one of our readers! Thanks to you we have had the most successful year here, almost doubling last years total – which is amazing!

On top of our thanks we also want to wish every single one of you a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year!

Next week is a normal week for us as far as posts are concerned (tues/thurs/sat) – we will be picking our GOTY and reviewing the year for gaming. There will also be a (shorter than usual) Luv-In on Monday.

Once again though, with all seriousness – enjoy the time with your families, enjoy your new games – but most of all – enjoy Christmas!


Local Co-Op Games I’ll Be Playing Over Christmas

cooltext152318081713357Precisely a year ago (unplanned I promise, a happy coincidence) I wrote a post about the games I’ll be playing with my family. Part celebrating Christmas, part celebrating the dying art of local co-op (you can find that very post here) – it went down well and was one of December’s highest viewed posts.

Well, here is the 2015 edition – the games that I will be relying on to bring the family together and keep us laughing together long after the crackers have been pulled.

I present to you a list of local co-op games that guaranteed to lead to a very merry Christmas. Every game has special tips to help you eck out every ounce of fun! Continue reading

Games That Remind Me Of Christmas #3

My next post brings me to the Christmas of 1998, this was a busy gaming year for me. It started around my birthday (May 30th – presents are encouraged) and the release of Gran Turismo.


Everyone in my school year was playing it and the conversation was all about it, every lunch, break and bus ride home was 100% dominated with talk of the “greatest racing game ever”. I needed it in my life and needless to say it made it onto my birthday list.

In fact, it was my birthday list.

I eagerly awaited my birthday and on the morning my mum gave me an; unmistakably Playstation game shaped gift. I knew what it was… Continue reading