Got To Go Fast!

…but is Sonic headed for another ice berg?

sonic mania

This past few months has been pretty great to be a Sonic fan right? SEGA seems to have got their priorities in check and giving the fans what they want with the upcoming Sonic Mania – even though it has just been pushed back from Spring to Summer, at least it is coming and it looks great! However, there is another. Continue reading

FeVRier: The Myth of the gameless PSVR

PSVRThe internet thrives on the creation of myths and the spreading of misinformation parading as facts. In such an enlightened age, where information is available on tap 24 hours a day 7 days a week it is incredible to think that many take what they see on the internet at face value and blindly believe it without doing research.

Myths thrive in the internet age because it preys on our assumption that reliable information is easy to find on the internet – while it is true that reliable information is available in abundance, it rarely seeks you out. 

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FeVRier: Playroom VR Review

playroom-vrWhen a new technology lands; it is incredibly important for it to be bundled with a game that highlights what is unique about it and how it will shape the world for the foreseeable future. The Nintendo Gameboy was bundled with Tetris and it cemented its place on the market; the Wii launched with Wii Sports and went on to be the second biggest selling console of all time and now we have the PSVR which launched with…

…no bundled game… Continue reading

FeVRier: Until Dawn Rush of blood Review 

With the advent of consumer VR we have been promised new gaming experiences; the kind that had been, up until now, impossible! 

Yet here we have ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’ giving gamers a chance to play a genre that had been placed on the scrap heap thanks to the dawn of the HD era.

‘Rush of Blood’ is an old-school on-rails shooter in the vein of ‘House of the Dead’ and it is one hell of a ride! Continue reading

FeVRier: VR Worlds Review

playstation-vr-worlds-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-14jun16.pngEvery advance in gaming technology needs a tech demo; something to show the target audience what it is all about. The Wii had ‘Wii Sports’, the Kinect had ‘Kinect Sports’ and now the PSVR has ‘VR Worlds’. A collection of short games that utilises everything the PSVR has to offer whilst simultaneously showing off the potential of what is possible in VR.

‘PSVR Worlds’ is a collection of 5 unconnected, short experiences that all vary in content, length and quality. Each game is designed to show off a different aspect of the PSVR setup; some are designed to show off the graphical capability whilst others highlight gameplay and controller possibilities. Unfortunately the games vary wildly in their quality and while there are excellent highs there are also some very deep lows.

This gulf in quality makes this a very difficult review – so I will review each individual game and summarise the package at the end. They have been arranged in order of quality; best to worst. Continue reading