#TGTBATU: Playstation Plus December Announcement

Welcome to another edition of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! The series that allows us to look at the gaming community’s collective psyche and analyse it for satirical value!

I don’t know how it works in America, but here in Europe Sony announce their monthly PS Plus updates directly on their blog and every month it follows the same pattern:

  1. Announce games coming off PS Plus
  2. Announce games taking their place on PS Plus
  3. Get flamed by irate Playstation gamers as they tell you this month is “shit”, the “worst ever” and that they’ll “allow subscription to expire”.

I don’t know what Sony has to do really, PS Plus is a great deal, you get 2 games per console every month and it allows you to play online, for £35 a year! I remember moving to the Xbox 360 ten years ago and paying £40 a year just to play online!

The entitlement of gamers knows no limits and to complain about stuff you get for free is the epitome of it.

It’s no surprise then that when Sony announced Decembers offerings (that are admittedly disappointing, but free) the response was less than glowing… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Game Delays

Another new feature? In this series I will be looking at a topic that is hot, and picking some of my favourite posts! I will be quoting and linking so make sure to check them out! These posts will have a question posed of you so do leave a comment 😀


When a game gets announced publishers know that the first question they are going to have to field is “When is ‘game x’ out?”

Nowadays; in the digital age, when a game gets announced it is almost always given a tentative date i.e. “Fall 2015”. Its vague and it gives the developers a four month window with which to polish, QA and release.

However there is an art to announcing a release date, too late and you risk people not caring – the internet will be aflame with comments such as “Why are you telling us this is coming now?!?!!?!?” and “TWO YEARS? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” and of course the cracking out of everyone’s favourite meme:


Announce a game and give a release date that is too early and you risk much more than this…you are risking the franchise, its reputation and its quality.

Personally I would rather that a game gets delayed if it is going to benefit the title and give it a higher quality (it is seldom a bad thing), I don’t mind waiting an extra four months to play a cracking title…it’s better than the alternative:


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