Sony E3 Press Conference Review


My Body Was Ready!

I feel like I should start this article by clarifying that I am probably the biggest Sony fan you are ever likely to meet. I own every console they have every made (even 3 variations of PS3) and I am a big advocate of their phones. However, I feel like this will not cloud my judgement of critiquing Sony in any way – I am able to call them on the bullshit they try to pull from time to time. I am not blinded by them…but I will say, Sony definitely won E3! Continue reading


Worst Parents in Video Games

To celebrate my becoming a parent (that’s right, Lil Luvva has arrived!) I thought I’d cure any of my worries about being a parent by looking at some that are truly terrible!

These guys, and they are all men (where’s the equality police?), should not be parents! They lack the basic skills required to   successfully bring a child into adulthood. Sometimes they are aggressive, unqualified or just plain abusive…no matter what, social services should’ve stepped in long ago.

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Microsoft’s E3 Conference: A Luvva Overview


To continue our E3 month we will be using the next few posts to go back over the major press conferences and reflect on what we have seen transpire.

As a note I will not be putting these posts in the context of other companies press conferences. I will be treating them as an entity by themselves – with a little hindsight thrown in of course, nothing worse than reading the incoherent ramblings of an excited gamer (I’m sure you all go enough of that on my twitter feed during the conferences).

In my Microsoft predictions post I stated that “I expect MS to hit hard this year” and I was proven right on this; they did indeed hit hard. So hard in fact that they easily had their best conference since 2007 – in parts it was incredible! Continue reading

Things That’ll Definitely Happen At E3


It’s around this time of year that gaming websites around the planet lose their collective minds and start speculating about what they will see at the annual E3 conference. Their hopes and expectations meld with their common sense, overpowering it with child-like whimsy and this leads to an influx of optimistic and entirely implausible tweets and Facebook status’!

Inevitably this leads to a case of severe disappointment and reactionary social media updates that declare E3 the “worst one yet”; because reality cannot match to the infinite power of the human imagination.

You’ll be glad to know dear reader that LuvvaLuvva Towers recently got an anti-hype extension and we are now above such petty speculation and hope mongering. We are now able to control and curb of fanboyism and imagination…

…in saying that we do have an E3 insider who has given us top-secret information about reveals and we are gonna share them with you – well not all of them, just the ones that have us excited more than ever for E3! Continue reading

Our Nintendo E3 Predictions

Less Me, More Wii, and U.


Sherry is back with more clairvoyance, this time he’s lent his ESP and is attempting to read the most unreadable of companies…


So, the final press conference of E3 see’s Nintendo and Square Enix go head to head in the same time slot – granted, Nintendo’s will be delivered directly to us in their unique form of presentations “Nintendo Directs”. So, what am I hoping to see to be unveiled for my new WiiU (which is great btw, everyone needs one for Splatoon!). Continue reading