The Shameless Plug #2


The last shameless plug post actually did really well, so I thought “hey, this could be a new series”!

Lo and behold guys! The serialised series of posts that will feature my newest YouTube videos for your enjoyment!

My latest video is something completely different, while there is ‘Dungeon Souls’ gameplay in the background (a pretty good run, if I do say so myself) it is not like any of my previous videos! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #49

Well it has been a  whole month since the last luv-in!

Fucking hell! I can’t believe its been that long. I apologise guys! I am back on the post train though, and although the past few weeks (nearly the entirety of May actually) I have been missing posts left, right and centre – but that ends here folks!

June is our traditional E3 celebration month and we have got some great things lined up including a video post or two (the last one got a good response) as well as predictions (because last year we fucking called it!!!) and of course the traditional piss take post and reviews of the show! A lot to look forward to – lets try and make June our most successful month yet! Continue reading

The Shameless Plug #1


Hello dear reader and welcome to another new post idea! An idea that is born out of necessity. Sometimes in life getting stuff done on time is ridiculously difficult and some things have to fall to the way-side – right now that thing is full fledged posts…

…however – this is a very temporary thing – one week in fact.What it means for the blog is quite simply my posts will be slightly delayed. On the plus side though it means that you get a video instead – it’s a piece of original content created by me – and watching it will help you over the disappointment of having nothing new to read! Continue reading

Gates’ that are way better than Gamergate

Today sees the hotly anticipated return of the comedy article! Enjoy and remember – satire be here!


So in the aftermath of the news that Zoe Quinn has won her case against her ex-boyfriend; not her criminal case but the subsequent suit that stated the restraining order she had placed on him infringed on his human rights, I decided to chat about the whole affair – something I haven’t done up to this point.

Gamergate is (was?) a funny scandal that proclaimed to be the voice for ethical video game journalism but basically revolved around grown men (I assume) attacking prominent females in the industry. They decided the best way of achieving their “aim” was to deliver doxxing threats, death threats, rape threats, bomb threats among other things of varying severity. Many of the recipients weren’t actually journalists though – so ?!

When these women opened up about the abuse they had been receiving it become open season on them on the internet…

…hopefully we can move on from this bullshit. But it got me thinking, as a movement Gamergate has failed miserably and will achieve nothing – so here are few “gates” that have achieved much, much more.  Continue reading

Uncharted 4 Review

….For Old Times Sake

Uncharted™ 4_ A Thief’s End_20160511122511

Okay, I know…I promised a Battleborn review last week, but I got a bit swept up by a title called “Uncharted 4” by one of Sony’s indie developers “Naughty Dog” – you may want to keep an eye out for them in future! I want to warn you ahead of reading, this will be spoiler heavy – so if you haven’t completed it do not read on! Continue reading

Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For Review


‘Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For’ (henceforth referred to as ‘Lucy’) is a visual novel that plays with the ideas first considered by Asimov and Phillip K. Dick; primarily the concepts of robotic sentience and its impact on the human population.

Being a visual novel there is absolutely no interaction beyond progressing dialogue and at times (nearing the end of chapters) making a decision. These decisions seemingly play very little into the narrative of the story; at a stretch they change the next dialogue line. While this is disappointing for the gamer in me it is an absolutely necessary concession to make for the sake of a convincing narrative. And being a visual novel means that this game lives and dies on the strength of its narrative… Continue reading

Stikbold! Review


From the beautifully stylized block graphics (a great choice that just works) to the upbeat and retro sounding soundtrack. ‘Stikbold!’ was quite obviously inspired by the arcade games of yore. It echoes the games that inspired it; the story is nonsense, its graphics are bright and colourful, its music is light-hearted and even its simple to learn but difficult to master controls.

Best of all these attributes are worn like a badge of honour!

There is a real sense of joy and happiness running through the game and to be honest it really is a breath of fresh air to play. Continue reading