A Streamers Diary: March 2018

SubMarch was a big month for the Luvva stream; a BIG month indeed. March saw the biggest leap forward in viewership (still admittedly tiny) I’ve had since my return; it also marked my biggest concurrent viewership as well as my longest streaming time. It was very successful, and it got me Affiliate status on the 14th!! HUGE! Continue reading

A Streamers Diary (June/July)

It’s that time again, I have to update my experiences live on the twitch-o-sphere! The past few months have been host to a very sporadic streaming schedule; which I feel is understandable considering I became a father for the first time.

Even though my schedule has been all over the place though doesn’t mean I have nothing to talk about here, oh no, I’ve hit a few milestones and gained a few stories to tell.

Some are even interesting! Continue reading

A streamers diary (March)

March was far from my most successful month streaming! In fact it seemed to be one disaster after another!

Hey Ho!

Good months make for poor blogging I guess, the disasters should make this months edition of the streamer diaries more interesting for you guys!


The big news this month for all us streamers was undoubtedly the hacking scandal. Well I say scandal, no-one really gave a shit about it. Anyway twitch’s security was breached and user names, passwords and stream keys were all compromised – this lead to the; now default, internet reaction of rage and panic. Even though, in the grand scheme of things, there are a lot more dangerous things to lose than a password and a stream key! Overall it was a bit of a non-issue and it was easily fixed…

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A streamers diary (Feb)

I am just a guy, playing games.

They are just people, who like watching games

If November, December and January were my teething months – the point in which viewers will give you leeway on technical hitches and issues then that makes February my first ‘real’ month of being a streamer.

This was a pressure that I embraced and as I scoured the internet looking for ways to avoid issues, pre-empt problems and cure what ails my stream and I think I have succeeded in all these counts.

February was a massive leap forward for twitch.tv/mr_luvva_luvva and I think that my stream is unrecognisable from those first few months.

Hi guys, and welcome to my update on my experience of a twitch streamer for the month of February.


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A streamer’s diary (Nov-Jan).


Whats it like, through the looking-glass?

Four months ago I had written an account of a man and his idea to stream games over the internet to strangers; it wasn’t pretty.

Now that the new year has rolled round and I have vanquished the gremlins that plagued that early attempt at streaming; I thought the time had come for me to update those impressions.

“Why now?” I hear you scream, well MrJohnSherry has written a piece on the topic of Twitch chat on these hallowed pages and gamemoir also covered another issue over there too! All within the last week; someone has to offer a differing viewpoint and it might as well be me 😀

So grab a comfy seat and settle in for my tale of being a small-time streamer on twitch.tv (and with that a new monthly feature is born).

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My experience with game streaming

Since I started blogging my gaming life has gotten more sophisticated, I started with the 3 main consoles and an old gaming laptop; nowadays I have a PS4 and a;pretty powerful, PC capable of running modern games. I have also started a Youtube channel and was uploading with regularity, recently however this video making process has been hampered by problem after problem. I also had aspirations of streaming a little each week.

What follows is a newbies’ account of streaming via a PC.

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