1st Anniversary Celebrations #3

And here we are, at the tail end of April (already? but I want to highlight even more of my old posts) and my anniversary date has also passed.

Does this mean I am no longer a “newbie blogger”?

If so, what am I now?

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MrLuvva’s Luv-In #7

Week number 7 and boy do I have a great list of posts for you to fill your lazy Sunday afternoon with!

In hindsight I wish I waited until today to introduce my 7 post improvement; damn me and my great ideas coming too early (oh matron!). Anyway digression aside here’s your seven posts which I think you should read and like; as always, please click the links and support these great bloggers!

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We could be heroes


With the release of ‘The Avengers : Age of Ultron’ this week, it got me thinking; what games do I personally think I would have had more fun with if the main protagonist was a superhero, rather than what they actually were?

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1st Anniversary Celebrations #2


I’m still buzzing from this anniversary celebration! I honestly thought I’d blog a max of six months and get bored! Here I am though, one year later (almost to the day) and still posting strong (well maybe you guys may disagree with that).

I’m going to highlight another of my favourite posts – which I feel didn’t get a big enough audience first time round. Continue reading

Best Streams on Twitch 2015 edition


Around this time last year I compiled a list of the top streamers you should watch right away; maybe even yesterday! Like everything in technology, streaming is incredibly competitive and there is a little arms race going on at the moment, this is great for us viewers as the content is just getting better and better!

We’ve been meaning to update this for a while, and what better time that during our big anniversary celebration?

Don’t worry thought you’ll find no shameless self promotion of my stream anywhere in this article! I’m not that shallow!

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1st Anniversary Celebrations #1


It has come guys! It is my first anniversary of starting this blog (I’m not sure of the actual date, but I’ll be celebrating until the end of the month)!


thanks for the reminder wordpress

And what an amazing year it has been; over 7,000 readers served and still going strong (stronger than ever in fact). To celebrate, I’m going to be updating a few posts that I did last year (mostly internet lists) and also try to highlight a few of my favourite posts that (I feel) didn’t get the views they deserved!

And here we are, #1

My very first post! This was the start of MrLuvvaLuvva and I put a lot of work into it (mostly learning how to photoshop horribly) I still think it is one of my funniest posts and feel that you guys (especially the UK readers) would get a kick out of it!

Here is the link to “David Moyes’ Video Game C.V.” – please give it a read!

Star Wars in Video Games: A brief history

Well, well, well. That Star Wars celebration in Anaheim went by quietly and without any big news didn’t it?


The new trailer!

And even better, there was an “in-engine” demo of the game (well in video format) and it looks utter amazing!

During the Q&A after there was reveals aplenty, needless to say I am hugely excited for both the movie and the game!

So excited in fact that I want to look at the Star Wars games I’ve played! So let’s take a peek!

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MrLuvva’s Luv-in #6

Well, it’s Sunday again. And as we’re now on #6 of this feature I’d thought we’d make a slight change to how we do things…don’t worry the quality writing (Kappa) is still present and correct. No, the change comes from me picking my favourite article from each day of the past week!

That’s right we’ve upped the number from ‘random number’ to 7! That makes more sense right?

7 days, 7 posts!


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My Ultimate Fighters

…and they are nowhere near as annoying as McGregor.mortal-kombat-xs

This week seen the release of the hotly anticipated (and one of the last remaining few good fighting games!) – Mortal Kombat X. As a long fan of the series, with fond memories of it throughout the years, I decided to ask myself, “If someone made an Ultimate Fighter game, with the best/most known characters of all the popular fighting games, which fighters would I pick?”.

Well, let us answer this question!

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The most ridiculously priced things in gaming

Continuing on from my last post we’re continuing our journey into the cost of our hobby. today’s post is focusing on the things that are expensive (in everyday money) and those that are just ludicrously priced for one reason or another.

If anyone out there has any of these items, please let me know!

I have no idea what type of person has this type of disposable income, but I’d love to meet one.

Without further ado, let’s look at the “everyday expensive” things. For the record I will be counting anything that is less than half of the average yearly income in the UK (roughly £22,500) as “everyday expensive” a loose definition I agree, but as you’ll soon see, this does not really rule out anything.

You won’t believe some of the asking prices here!

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