#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge: Deadly Gamer Sins

Another week, another Talkback challenge, this time put forth by Joseph Skyrim! He has quite cleverly created a questionnaire using the deadly sins and transposing them into a video game context. All in an effort to get a better handle on our gaming habits, GG Joseph Skyrim, GG!

Lust – Do you enjoy games more if they have scantily clad and “interestingly proportioned” avatars? Do you like playing as one of these avatars? Why or why not?

To be honest no. There is something very unsettling about watching an uncanny valley approximation of what a human is trapeze about in a state of undress.

I will say this though, the sex scene in ‘Heavy Rain’ raised more than a giggle from me, I was literally crying as the game was trying to convince me that this was a sensual scene when in actual fact it resembled the sex scene from ‘Team America: World Police’ more.

I’m not saying that I would avoid a title that had scantily clad ladies (or men) in them, some of my favourite games have included some form of this. ‘Dead or Alive 2’ had the “jiggle” physics, ‘Bayonetta’ had flashes of nudity and a sexualised protagonist while Lara Croft had her assets (Kappa). Continue reading

#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge: What Made You A Gamer?

In everybody’s life there are watershed moments. Events that are either great or terrible, ones that convince you to stay the path you are on or divert into a new path and hope the outcomes improve.

My gaming life is full of moments like this, a series of events and moments so sublime that they reinforced my love for this hobby. The story of what made me a gamer is one that transpires over the course of a good lot of years, but I feel it is interesting enough to warrant a post so…

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#NBI2015 New Bloggers Update and Community Spotlight posts

Well, including this in my weekly roundup didn’t go too well at all! I only went and bloody forgot didn’t I?


Anyway, when the opportunity presents, I will create a new  post lol! In this here series I will be highlighting the new bloggers that join the NBI every week and also link to their contributions to the weekly talk back features.

Please bare in mind the purpose of this series is to highlight the newbies, for all the responses there is already an awesome post (and I’m sure it is not easy either) on the newbie blogger initiative site that I will link to 😀

All in one handy post – God, how nice am I?*

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#NBI2015 Early Access and Kickstarter – Do you support unfinished games?

Kickstarter, the site of big dreams, big promises The crowd sourcing site that started an internet revolution!

I have a patchy and somewhat sketchy history with the wonder that is Kickstarter, and not just with video games, I’ve back too much and much has never seen the light of day. My history with gaming Kickstarters however is quite interesting; I’ve been luckier than most although I am fussy with my games.

Here’s a brief history of my gaming kickstarter relationship.

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#NBI2015 How did GamerGate affect you?

The TalkBack Challenge for this week was focusing on the long-term effects that GamerGate had on us…


…Ah GamerGate, that classic videogame controversy of late August, how the world lost its collective mind and how we were all against the pillory for having any association with the hobby of controlling make-believe men (and women!) against the forces of evil.

We’re such bastards!

Did GamerGate have any affect on me? That’s a difficult one to answer Continue reading

Newbie Blogger Initiative #NBI2015

nbi_avatar512It’s that time of year again! NBI time! Last years NBI got me known around these here parts and introduced me to some very cool people – although my blog has changed in that time (tonally speaking) I have been very well served by the community the NBI built up and I want to play my role in that this year.

Obviously I am no longer a newbie blogger ;-( but all that means is I’m now a regular blogger who has an audience (no matter how small :P) and I want to use that to the advantage of these new bloggers! Continue reading