Outlast Lets Play #HorrTober

…it’s like Fright Night – with less Colin Farrell


It’s October! Which means one thing – Mr Luvva has cracked his whip and I am stuck doing scary games posts….oooooh spooky!

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Large Gaming Youtubers You Should Be Watching : 2016 Edition


In 2014 I wrote a post that outlined a few big gaming Youtube Channels you should be watching; since then though a few (opengriefing) have become very inactive and one (DLCentral) has closed down. RIP. (We love you Matt and Nate – check them out here though)

So the time has come for us to update this list. Once again all these channels are my own personal choices (MrJohnSherry will disagree with some of my choices) but they still carry the MrLuvvaLuvva seal of approval® and you are still guaranteed a damn good time*

I will be doing another post on much smaller channels you should be paying attention too – before they become the next big thing on Youtube!

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The Best Runs of #ESA2016

Last week we had another speedrunning event – the European Speedrunner Assembly – this is very much a European Games Done Quick, but on a much smaller scale, exposure and budget. Every time I see this though it seems to be growing, it is only a matter of time until it is just as big as its American cousin – if not bigger…


Considering what it is though, ESA is an excellent event that is well worth watching! Like the GDQ it is a charity event and it provides a platform for awesome speedrunners for games you have loved, hated, didn’t know or forgot about their existence. I really love this event!

I have compiled the runs that I really enjoyed for you here; some of these were picked because they were hugely skillful, some are really entertaining, some are both and one is because the runner is Northern Irish – lets see if you can pick out which run is which!

Like our SGDQ post, if you have runs you really enjoyed, please link to them in the comments!

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The Best Runs From SGDQ 2016!

Well Summer Games Done Quick ended late on Sunday afternoon and it was one hell of an event this year!


If you are not aware of what SGDQ is – its a week long marathon of speedrunners absolutely destroying your favourite games all in the name of charity! This year they supported Doctors Without Borders and they raised a grand total of $1.3 million.

As I said above, the event is a week long one and it is non-stop. While that is awesome for those nights you cannot sleep; it means that it is impossible to watch every minute of it. That is where we come in; here is my choice for the best runs of the week.

In the list that follows we have some runs that highlight the extreme skill of these guys, some that show exploits and some that show sheer personality of the runner and their team! I hope you enjoy these runs as much as I did…

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The Shameless Plug #2


The last shameless plug post actually did really well, so I thought “hey, this could be a new series”!

Lo and behold guys! The serialised series of posts that will feature my newest YouTube videos for your enjoyment!

My latest video is something completely different, while there is ‘Dungeon Souls’ gameplay in the background (a pretty good run, if I do say so myself) it is not like any of my previous videos! Continue reading