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Here at LuvvaLuvva Towers™ we aim to bring you articles that will entertain, inform and create discussion. Sometimes you’ll get a laugh, other times you’ll agree or disagree with our views…we love having discussions with our readers, so if you leave a comment we aim to always reply.

We also have a Youtube channel (see ‘shameless self promotion below’ and we stream on twitch.tv regularly (now we’ve sorted out all the bugs) so why not follow us?

We post 3 times a week; Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s, with a recap post on Sundays to ensure you never miss anything.

———————-Spoiler alert———————–

Shameless self promotion

———————-Spoiler End————————

If you like what you’ve read here and feel that there is a project that we can do together, then please drop me an email at mrluvvaluvva360@hotmail.com

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Tell not only your friends but strangers you pass on the street, on internet forums and even grandparents! The more the merrier!

Love you; bye

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