MrLuvva’s Luv-In #28

Today is December 1st that means that the holiday season is upon us, I hope you enjoyed your chocolate treat from the calendar and I pray you are about to put your tree up (and that it isn’t already). We know what it means if you put it up in November. 😛

Back on track though, if you are thinking of contributing to the conversation over the holidays on GOTY please make sure you email me your game and reasons for it to be GOTY. My email can be found in the about us page. I hope to get some entries, thanks in advance.

In the weekly tradition, I have compiled some excellent posts for your pleasure, please support them all by clicking on them, liking and commenting. As always if you have read a great post feel free to link us in the comments.

Hour One – Star wars Battlefront: I have been enjoying Battlefront this week and although I haven’t played as much as I would like, it is a very well made and polished FPS. I have also been watching some very talented streamers play it live on twitch, basically I’ve been surrounding myself with Star Wars. Gamerfuqs content stands proudly with the best I’ve read and the accompanying video is also excellent!

Star Wars: Battlefront Review: As I said, I’ve surrounded myself with battefront things and here is another excellent post about it! This one comes from Wolf who has written one of the most detailed reviews in my memory. It really is an excellent read and like Gamerfuq he can be proud of his work (wolf is a guy right?).

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Assassins Creed EditionThis is a hugely original piece on a series I personally love; well-loved. Gamercrash has taken every entry into the franchise (home console entries) and explained his favourite and least favourite aspect of each. I found myself agreeing with Gamercrash more than disagreeing with him (again, sorry if you’re not a guy). I really enjoyed this post, and as I said, it’s unlike anything else you’ll read today.

Steam Challenge – Back To The FutureI really enjoy these Steam challenge posts that pops up in my reader feed, it allows me a sneak peek into peoples gaming habits; specifically it shows me the games that people buy and never play. StarFriedBeef has written a great pseudo-review here and it is well worth your attention!

Hyper X Cloud II Hands On ImpressionsDark Legend from over at ButtonSmashers has written up a very good summation of his (or her; I assume everyone is a man for some reason) experience with the headset. I am not an audiophile but I really enjoy reading this type of thing about headsets. This one sounds like a cracker – it is now on my radar – Dark Legend, you could set me back a fortune here!

Dating My Daughter – The Star Wars Test: A hugely entertaining post full of comedy. I really enjoyed reading this one, it made me laugh out loud on several occasions. Stellar work from TAGN! Although we have to look past the mistake of thinking Anakin gets left for dead in Attack of the Clones when it is; of course, Revenge of the Sith.

The Blog Has Moved This is more of a public service announcement – one of my favourite bloggers is moving from WordPress! If you read Mabrick’s Mumblings please make sure you update your bookmark! I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll no longer be commenting Mabrick, I’ll miss that too much!

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