The Blog in 2016

So far 2016 has been pretty eventful! We’ve named our games of the year (here and here), games have been delayed (seriously, before I could even do my “games that will miss 2016” post?! Cheers developers!) and MrJohnSherry has announced his gaming New Years Resolution. Sherry and I thought it was a perfect time to create a short post and update you all on how this little old blog will develop throughout its second full year of existing.

sparkly 2016

First and foremost our content is going to become more diverse, looking through the stats of last year and it is obvious that my lists are actually…not that popular :(( so I will be creating less of those. In their place will be more opinion pieces, thoughts/reactions/complaining on current gaming news, and more reviews (my draft folder is full of half-finished reviews!) – in 2016 you’ll see the return of 7/10 game-a-thon as well as current and retro reviews. We think you’ll agree that it is a much more varied post schedule for you all.

On top of this both Sherry and I have capture cards, and although he streams quite


Remember the review I was meant to do of this?

regularly – mine is literally collecting dust in my setup. Seriously; it hasn’t been powered on in at least 3 months. So I’m happy to announce that with most reviews this year, there will be an accompanying video review (this will be implemented ASAP so bear with us as we finalise the format etc).


The icing on this diversification of content is the patented MrLuvva comedy posts will be making a come-back, complete with sub-standard photoshopping! I’m going to be doing one tongue-in-cheek post a month, so please keep your eyes peeled for them!

You tube logo

No longer will my channel be a dumping ground of stream highlights!

I also want to use my YouTube channel more in 2016 and I am sure that I now have a number of great ideas for a number of playlists. These will take some time to create and edit – so bear with me as I get it ready (I want to ensure that it is sustainable). My primary goal with this is to go beyond the usual “lets play” (but these will feature too) and create a channel with good content that is an extension of my interests and become the perfect accompaniment to this blog. Every video we upload will be put into the weekly Luv-In post – so be sure to check them out as they come.


I also think that after nearly two years, the blog could do with a spruce up, this look is getting decidedly old hat and it is more than just a little ugly! In short there will be an update on how the blog looks and I am really excited for Luvva 2.0!

Finally we really want to create a community. While 2015 was our busiest year ever (our


Let’s make this happen!

first full year) in which we nearly doubled our view count from the previous 8 months and quadrupled our comment count; which is incredible, we want more. We want to create posts that will spark debate and discussion, I want people to visit these pages not because of what we have written, but because of the discussion created and sustained by you guys.


We also believe in giving you guys a voice on what you read here! If there is something that you want us to cover or a type of post you really need a fix of, then tell us through the comment section, twitter, facebook or even the good old-fashioned email! We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions and with open dialogue we could make an amazing community ! This is my ultimate goal for this year – and one I’ve harboured since I decided to start blogging in April 2014.

Overall 2016 is an incredibly exciting year for everyone in LuvvaLuvva Towers and I hope that you will continue to support us on our journey…


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