Horror Films v Horror Games

...I got a feeling, somebody is watching me.


Lately I have been getting increasingly frustrated with my “fear” limitation, and what I am willing to put myself through. I am going to be honest, Halloween isn’t my favourite of the holidays, so I have been getting frustrated with what I could write about for this post. MrLuvva suggested a few games I should make a video off, like “SCP” and “Slender” to which my reply was a resounding “HELL NO!” So the question I need to ask myself is, why can I handle scary films, but not scary games?

As far as I can remember, it has always been this way. Growing up, some of my favourite films included “Halloween” series and “Childs Play” which I watched from I was no age at all! Sure, they aren’t the scariest films, but over time I developed a great taste for scary movies.

The main attraction I have for these types of films is that I actually enjoy feeling afraid. I like the feeling of not knowing is around the corner. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily translate to real life – nor video games, even though they both share similar traits. Both have unsettling musical scores (some more than others), both can have the ultimate killer or nightmarish creature as the main antagonist and both have the exact same goal of creating fear in the viewer or player.

There lies the problem! I can quite honestly spend all day watching other people put their lives are risk to escape a killer, to save their friends. But ask me to control that character and I can’t deal with it! Of course, when you watch a movie the story will progress whether you want it to or not – it will run its duration. Video games don’t work like this, you have to actively go to certain locations or do certain things for the story to progress. You have to put yourself in danger!

Jump scares in movies don’t bother me, sure I go “oh sh*t!” and sometimes jump a little out of my seat, but even playing “Resident Evil Revelations 2” and more recently “Until Dawn” I was constantly on edge, I was very, very afraid. Purely because it is happening to me, and not someone playing a part in a film!

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you all have an incredible holiday, and we will see you on the other side! NEXT STOP CHRISTMAS!


Do you favour one or the other?

Are you a massive wuss when it comes to horror games?

Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “Horror Films v Horror Games

  1. I feel the same way as you do, though the only kind of horror I watch is those with monsters and not those supernatural ghost/spirit thingies that’s unsettling. I really can’t play horror games- I can’t get past my fear.


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