My Top Twenty PSOne Games (20-11)

The Playstation was released 20 years ago this week (in Europe) and it goes without saying that it changed the video game industry as we knew it.


Happy birthday bro!

With a lifespan of nearly a decade and a library of games consisting of more than 2,000 titles, the Playstation was home to some of the most iconic, innovative, influential and genre defining games the world has ever seen.

The task set before me was daunting, how do you compress such an expansive library of games into just 20?

With some rules; this list is my own personal choices and is in no way meant to be a definitive list, but the rules I’m using are;

  • Only one game per franchise
  • When a game is part of a franchise, they are inter-changeable (e.g. if I select Resident evil 2 it could be changed to 1 or 3 if you prefer that one).
  • I could only pick from the games I have personally played.

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MrLuvva’s Luv-In #20

A day late it may be! But the love of what you guys are writing is unwavering!

When I was writing the title I couldn’t believe that we have made it to the big 20! My only hope is that your blog posts are seeing an increase in traffic, because in my humble opinion, they all deserve the views they get.

If you look at the list closely you’ll see there’s a bit of a pattern with what I was reading…

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Doomed To Fail?

…time to go back to the future?


Ladies and gentlemen, we as gamers are on a cusp of new releases of three brand new games which I don’t do know about you all – but they definitely helped shape my child hood and adolescence. These three games of course are ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5’ , ‘Rock Band 4’, and ‘Guitar Hero Live’. Do our memories of these games, and as a result – unreasonable expectations, mean these games are in a no win situation? Continue reading

Gaming Pigs That David Cameron could pork

I’m sure everyone has heard of piggate, the scandal that is rocking Westminster to its foundations. David Cameron (allegedly) put his wee-wee into a dead pigs mouth while he was at university.

Let’s just say I’m glad he did this act during his time before he was Prime Minister, it’s one thing I don’t want to be “in this together” at all!


Crazy stuff indeed, I mean, what did the pig do to deserve that?

Perhaps the pig was working class, Cameron and the tories are used to fucking those guys over. Anyhoo, here’s a short list of gaming pigs Cameron could defile, if he was into that of course!

David Cameron

It’s never good getting caught!

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Hearthstone – Or The One I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone

Recently I’ve been far too busy being a Dad to play “proper” games. Instead I’ve been playing games on my iPad including ‘The Simpsons Tapped Out’ and ‘Plague Inc’ – while these games are good little distractions (and more importantly; can be played with one finger), they hardly contain the game play required for sustained play during those late night/early morning feeds.

That’s where our little community’s influence came into play (pardon the pun), over the year I have read and heard how much some of you guys love(d) ‘Hearthstone’ and I eventually decided to give it a go; I downloaded it and gave it a little go…


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MrLuvva’s Luv-In #19

It’s another Monday, that means another recap of the stuff I read and enjoyed this week!

And what a week its been! I have no less than three blog posts lined up for the very near future offering counterpoints and even a sneaky list post for Izlain!

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Giving Games a Second Chance

…. don’t you want me baby?


We have all been there, you initially fall in love with a new title, but it isn’t long before you realise that there is certain game design aspects which are beyond terrible. You find yourself thinking “how did this get past any playtesters?”. A familiar scenario which I found myself in within the last year or so of my gaming life, but none more so than with the hotly anticipated Bungie title ‘Destiny’. Continue reading