Frightfest 2016: Jump Scares that scared the hell out of me!

cooltext211399310506118For frightfest a few years ago I wrote a post which examined if jumpscares or cerebral horror was the best way to frighten gamers; it turned out that cerebral horror was the best (read that post here).

While that post is pretty darn conclusive – it wasn’t science and it certainly doesn’t mean that jumpscares do not have their place in gaming. I’d be a big fat liar if I said that I’ve never been gotten by a jumpscare (or five).

So here are my personal favourite jump scares that made me squeal like a little girl. Continue reading

Fright fest 2016: Horror games to fill your extra hour

cooltext211399310506118Bonus Post Alert!

Today in the UK is the first official day of Autumn and that means that the clocks have went back by one hour! So what are you to do with that extra hour? Play games of course, and because it’s the day before Halloween; you should be playing horror games!

Why play through a longer game though? You don’t have an extra eight hours, only one! So here is a selection of short horror experiences that shouldn’t last more than an hour; turn the lights down and turn the volume up – it’s time to scare the living crap,out of yourself! Continue reading

Frightfest 2016: Revelations 2 Proves that Resident Evil can still scare you!

For the past few years all we’ve been told is how Resident Evil is no longer scary; how it’s an “action movie” and how there are far more frightening games for us to play (and this is still true to be honest). But there is a game that has sat in my PSN account since the start of summer. A game that I have desperate to play but have been holding off until this month – the haunting month.

re-revs-2If you’ve read the title (you have!) then you already know that the game is ‘Resident Evil Revelations 2’ but can I just say how bloody good it is?

This game (or the section of Episode 1 I’ve played through anyway) harks back to the “golden age” of survival horror, it hits the tonal notes that the original series also hit; with a slow burn leading up to a dramatic reveal. If nothing else this episode  proves once and for all that Capcom, well Resident Evil, can still scare the pants of us!

How does it achieve this feat? Read on dear reader. Continue reading

The fear is real

…I am not prepared.


So, yesterday was my lucky day! MrLuvva invited me over to Luvva Towers to try out his Playstation VR! The first thought that popped into my head was “YES! Rush of Blood here I come”. The problem being he invited me several days ago and then he posted that article about how scary VR games are… Continue reading

Frightfest 2016: VR Makes Horror More Horrific!


My first post in this years Frightfest! Gone are the unkept promises of a few weeks ago and in their place is actual, new, content! God bless me 😀

I seldom need an excuse to talk about horror games on these hallowed pages, but with the release of PSVR my horror gaming has been taken to a new level…

…I have had two horror experiences with PSVR recently! And no; I’m not talking about the issue with my pre-order. What I’m actually talking about here is genuine horror games; ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’ and ‘Here They Lie’. I would consider myself a horror game veteran and thought that both these games would be quite tame experiences…

…I was wrong. My experiences were very different to my expectations.

What follows is an account of these experiences. Continue reading

Horror In VR

…if I die in game do I die in real life?


Seeing as Playstation VR is now out and that was the last one we were waiting for, all that’s left for us to digest is the software. Due to it’s very nature of being very immersive it is no surprise a lot of developers are going the horror route. We already have “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood”, “Here They Lie”, “Emily Wants To Play” and many more. So how would I fair in horror VR? Continue reading

PSVR: The Day Before…


Here we are guys; the day is nearly upon us.

After months and months of great announcements the PSVR is finally due to land in less that 24 hours. I couldn’t be more excited! In fact I don’t think I have been this excited about a hardware launch since the SEGA Dreamcast (seriously! I remember reading issue 0 of the official dreamcast magazine for a full month, getting more and more excited).

So how have I been spending my last day without VR? Glad you asked because the truth may shock and surprise you. Continue reading