Fright fest 2016: Horror games to fill your extra hour

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Today in the UK is the first official day of Autumn and that means that the clocks have went back by one hour! So what are you to do with that extra hour? Play games of course, and because it’s the day before Halloween; you should be playing horror games!

Why play through a longer game though? You don’t have an extra eight hours, only one! So here is a selection of short horror experiences that shouldn’t last more than an hour; turn the lights down and turn the volume up – it’s time to scare the living crap,out of yourself! Continue reading

Hallowe’ek horror: Frightfest 2014 finale…


My idea to have a season of posts relating to the survival horror genre of gaming has proved to be incredibly popular with you guys! Each week my ‘Frightfest’ post has been the most read; this shows me that I am not the only one passionate about this oft-forgotten and maligned genre. I’d like to thank you all for that!

For our final post on the topic I thought we’d do something a little bit different…rather than picking an aspect of the genre and write about it, I reached out to the community, friends and family…each person gave me a great idea that I feel would be a shame to ignore. As a result I am going to create a Frankenstein Monster of a blog post…taking a few of the very good ideas I was given! I want to thank the guys who gave me the ideas RandyRaichu, MunkayMagic, MrJohnSherry and the others whose name I have forgotten!

Let me introduce to you the community created…Frankenpost..

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare (mainly due to really poor photoshop skills)…so only enter IF YOU DARE!

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