Am I Becoming Desensitised?

…nothing fazes me!


As you all know, for Halloween this year I thought I would tackle the totally original idea of doing a horror game play through for YouTube. Not only did has it been taking me out of my comfort zone but I have also noticed something else as the game has gone on.

The game is Outlast and while at first even playing the game made me feel totally freaked out and not wanting to go ahead with the play through – I even thought about wimping out completely of the idea – but I persevered and I am about just past half way? I am not sure – it feels that way though!

As the game has wore on though I find myself feeling less and less scared, I am not exactly sure why. While editing the videos I hear myself second guessing the developers and what I expect to happen, which of course doesn’t always happen. Am I just becoming used to what the developers have been using to set up their scares?

I recently had a discussion about this with Luvva and apparently I am not the only one experiencing that with this game. As far as he was aware he had read a few accounts of people feeling the game. At first the game is quite terrifying but it wears away pretty damn quickly!

That left me in a bit of an internal fight. Of course I want to feel like I am getting braver because I would quite like to play more games like this in future – although I am not going to play jump scare fests like ‘Emily Wants To Play’. I don’t see why I would want to play a game like that which doesn’t really have a narrative and just wants to scare the hell out of you! Which is quite rich because I haven’t been fully following the story for Outlast.

The only way to find out is to push on within the genre! So, after I am finished with Outlast we will have a bit of a lull in horror games on my YouTube channel and I will be putting up content for Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered and some talky videos where I want to discuss various topics within the gaming world. But! Once I get my PSVR we will do a complete play through of Until Dawn : Rush of Blood which should take us to the release (or close to!) of Resident Evil 7 – so we can tackle that head on!

I am actually really looking forward to that game but if the demo is anything to go by – that feeling will soon disappear and be replaced with a feeling of utmost dread!

My walk through for Outlast can be found on my YouTube channel (here) with the latest episode here! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like the videos so you don’t miss any of my future uploads and feel free to share it with your friends as well!

Have a great Halloween everyone!

2 thoughts on “Am I Becoming Desensitised?

  1. Outlast has shown you pretty much all it has in terms of mechanics by about half way through. At that point you know pretty much all the tricks to surviving. The only bit that caught me out was when I was being chased outside as it was hard to see.


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