PSVR: The Day Before…


Here we are guys; the day is nearly upon us.

After months and months of great announcements the PSVR is finally due to land in less that 24 hours. I couldn’t be more excited! In fact I don’t think I have been this excited about a hardware launch since the SEGA Dreamcast (seriously! I remember reading issue 0 of the official dreamcast magazine for a full month, getting more and more excited).

So how have I been spending my last day without VR? Glad you asked because the truth may shock and surprise you.

My day started at 07:30 and I woke up fresh-faced and full of excitement, like a child on Christmas Eve; my excitement was at its undoubted peak. First thing I do is pick up my phone and open my emails, expecting to see an email update on my PSVR preorder with GAME – instead I find an inbox devoid of any activity. There was literally no emails. A first.

…a god damn unfortunate first.

destinyNext up I check my Amazon pre-order of some PSVR games; y’know, in case I actually wanted to play with the PSVR on launch day; I’m going to say here that Amazon have been fucking shite with my pre-orders over the last few years, they cocked up my ‘Destiny’ AND my ‘The Division’ pre-orders (‘Destiny’ never got delivered and ‘The division’ was a day late) so I didn’t hold much hope on this front….

…and surprise, surprise they weren’t going to have the games to me on the 13th. Instead my games are slated for the 14th; a day too late. It’s a good thing I pre-ordered them 3 months in advance to give them plenty of time to avoid this – turns out they are incompetent and this is officially the last pre-order they will receive from me. Good thing ‘RIGS’ and ‘PSVR Worlds’ were £5 cheaper there than anywhere else – they luck out this time.

This really deflated me.

I have been psyched for ‘RIGS’ since it’s announcement, it is one of few fully-fledged games announced for the PSVR and it is  concept that appeals to me greatly – especially when I realised that it was being made be Guerilla Cambridge! On the grand scheme of things though, Friday is a better day for me personally, I’ll be much more able to sit down and play the games on Friday than I am Thursday, so all is not lost. Especially if I didn’t have a headset to play it on. I decided to check up on that…untitled

…fast forward me being greeted with this message as I log on to my orders…

It was at this point I began to develop, what I call, the pre-order sweats. GAME has never let me down before with a pre-order and surely to God they aren’t going to start now, with this, right?

I do what any rational human being would do here I panicked like a madman! I move to my online banking app and check my balance. No change!

I run back to my inbox. Nowt!

Maybe my junk email folder? HA AS IF!

I refresh my order page; praying for a miracle, praying for change. There is none. Then I saw the delivery column and my heart sank. Two day delivery speed. Words I never thought would put a pit in my stomach. Two days. I slowly came to the realisation. GAME were letting me down.


me on most launch days when I preorder the product

For the first time ever.

Why have you forsaken me?

I’m not gonna lie here, I lost all hope. It was over. I’ll be getting my headset on Saturday – two days lost and nothing left to gain. Pre-ordering really doesn’t agree with me, it never goes well. I read stories online about those folk who get everything on release day (or earlier) and it makes me sick.

How can a company send me an email a few weeks after pre-ordering and guaranteeing me release day delivery then throw it in my face without any warning? The b”£$””ds!!


shove your guarantee up your arse mates!

I went through my work day in a rage, I had been betrayed and disappointed by a company I despise and only preordered with for the double points and “guaranteed release day delivery” and they pull this crap? WITH ME?! Don’t they know who I am?

Then it happened, I checked my emails one last time.



Thanks GAME!

I tried to ring them, twice. Sat on hold for a combined 50 minutes and spoke to no-one.

Then I went to online chat over an hour ago – still waiting for someone to become available.

I even emailed their customer care line and called them out on twitter. Nothing.

So here I am, 5pm the day before launch and GAME haven’t taken my money, they haven’t changed my order status and I have no way of finding out if I’m even getting the bloody thing at all. Needless to say I won’t be playing my PSVR at launch, I don’t know when I will either.

Gutted is not the word.

Glad I preordered it so early! Cheers GAME!



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