Backlog Blitz: November 2017

We’re well into the last month of the year and failure is staring me right in the face; unless I had a stellar month and completed AT LEAST two games a week it seems inevitable!

What is this Backlog Blitz all about? Well – it’s a challenge I set myself and here’s the rules for those of you with short-term memory issues (you poor bastards):

  • I must complete 52 games in 2017
  • The games can be ones that I have previously started or have previously completed and they can be on any platform
  • Episodic games count as one game per episode
  • Lengthy DLC (ie Blood & Wine) counts as a game
  • Every time I complete a game I score +1
  • Every time I buy a game I score -2
  • By the end of the year I must finish with a positive score or I have failed the Backlog Blitz

Year Score (so far) = -20

How’d November go? Read on dear reader! Continue reading


The Hunt For Platinums

…are they worth it?


If you check your email that you use for your PlayStation Network this week you will most likely find a breakdown of your Play Highlights! This ranges from your online game time to your amount of games you own. Of course it includes your trophy breakdown and what is the rarest trophy you have! This got me thinking, how many of us stick with one game in order to achieve the platinum? Continue reading

February is now FeVRier!

Terrible French puns aside this month will be very exciting because this month is going to be all about VR (well my posts anyway)! 

Ever since I got my PSVR I have been sharing my experiences with everyone I know – except you guys! 

This is my way of putting right that horrific wrong.

There are many things you can expect to read this month including (but not limited to);

  • VR games reviews that will focus on the things that make VR games different to traditional games.
  • Reviews of VR modes in traditional games.
  • Thought pieces of the VR market
  • Maybe; and I do repeat maybe, some gameplay videos from selected VR titles! 

Expect the first FeVRier post sometime this afternoon – but in the meantime why not read my PSVR review? It’s linked right here! 

Playstation Experience 2016 Predictions

…when the fandom becomes sentient.

Today marks the day of the third annual PlayStation Experience, held in Anaheim California. They usually have a couple of surprises in store for the Sony faithful, so I thought I would have a wee stab in the dark about what I think will happen! Continue reading