Sly Cooper: An Appreciation

Sly Cooper Gang.pngRecently I wrote an article about games that I hated as a kid but would greatly enjoy now (it can be found here) and it inspired me. During the recent “Only on PlayStation” sale there were hundreds of top titles (and some lower-tier ones too) that could be acquired for next to nothing. Continue reading


The Hunt For Platinums

…are they worth it?


If you check your email that you use for your PlayStation Network this week you will most likely find a breakdown of your Play Highlights! This ranges from your online game time to your amount of games you own. Of course it includes your trophy breakdown and what is the rarest trophy you have! This got me thinking, how many of us stick with one game in order to achieve the platinum? Continue reading

February is now FeVRier!

Terrible French puns aside this month will be very exciting because this month is going to be all about VR (well my posts anyway)! 

Ever since I got my PSVR I have been sharing my experiences with everyone I know – except you guys! 

This is my way of putting right that horrific wrong.

There are many things you can expect to read this month including (but not limited to);

  • VR games reviews that will focus on the things that make VR games different to traditional games.
  • Reviews of VR modes in traditional games.
  • Thought pieces of the VR market
  • Maybe; and I do repeat maybe, some gameplay videos from selected VR titles! 

Expect the first FeVRier post sometime this afternoon – but in the meantime why not read my PSVR review? It’s linked right here! 

Playstation Experience 2016 Predictions

…when the fandom becomes sentient.

Today marks the day of the third annual PlayStation Experience, held in Anaheim California. They usually have a couple of surprises in store for the Sony faithful, so I thought I would have a wee stab in the dark about what I think will happen! Continue reading

The Most Important Gaming Tech Evolutions

With all three major VR headsets now available to the general public; we have officially heralded the beginning of a new era; if the PSVR, Oculus and Rift have it their way – gaming has been irrevocably changed. We’ll not be able to go back to traditional, screen-based gaming; regardless of what Phil Spencer thinks

…PSVR has gotten me thinking though. I used to dream of something like this when I was a kid playing my SEGA Mega Drive, and now here it is and it’s almost as good as I pictured it way back in 1991.

What else has changed since then though?

Almost too much! There is literally too much for me to list here and still make it interesting. What I’m going to do instead is to tell you what I consider the best technological advancements in gaming.

Continue reading

The fear is real

…I am not prepared.


So, yesterday was my lucky day! MrLuvva invited me over to Luvva Towers to try out his Playstation VR! The first thought that popped into my head was “YES! Rush of Blood here I come”. The problem being he invited me several days ago and then he posted that article about how scary VR games are… Continue reading