Frightfest 2016: Revelations 2 Proves that Resident Evil can still scare you!

For the past few years all we’ve been told is how Resident Evil is no longer scary; how it’s an “action movie” and how there are far more frightening games for us to play (and this is still true to be honest). But there is a game that has sat in my PSN account since the start of summer. A game that I have desperate to play but have been holding off until this month – the haunting month.

re-revs-2If you’ve read the title (you have!) then you already know that the game is ‘Resident Evil Revelations 2’ but can I just say how bloody good it is?

This game (or the section of Episode 1 I’ve played through anyway) harks back to the “golden age” of survival horror, it hits the tonal notes that the original series also hit; with a slow burn leading up to a┬ádramatic reveal. If nothing else this episode ┬áproves once and for all that Capcom, well Resident Evil, can still scare the pants of us!

How does it achieve this feat? Read on dear reader. Continue reading