The fear is real

…I am not prepared.


So, yesterday was my lucky day! MrLuvva invited me over to Luvva Towers to try out his Playstation VR! The first thought that popped into my head was “YES! Rush of Blood here I come”. The problem being he invited me several days ago and then he posted that article about how scary VR games are…

So I arrived pretty apprehensive! I go in and he suggests I play “Ocean Descent” to get used to that VR feel. Fair enough – I can deal with a tourist trip. I had watched several YouTube reaction encounters to it (I had no intentions of picking up VR Worlds) so I was going to be a-OK!

Or so I thought. Even though I knew exactly what to expect, I still moved my legs when the shark went near them, I still felt a pang of fear go through me when he came streaming towards my cage – which by then was missing it’s door! It was as if my brain was having a civil war. I knew it wasn’t really but it was trying to insist it was and was trying to kick start my fight or flight.

After this though, my eyes felt strained and I was beginning to get a head ache – so Luvva took over to show me “London Heist”. That looked pretty dang awesome, so watching him play through it I really wanted to experience it for myself. So I took the move controllers and sat down in front of the camera again – strapped myself in and we were ready to rock.

Within the first 5 or so minutes I began to lose track of reality I think. Sitting in a bar talking to a gangster king pin – I felt completely thrown when I went to put a cigar down in the tray beside me and all I could feel was air. It had to be there, it felt so real – it is seriously hard to explain!

I went through half the game until I had to take the mask off again due to head aches (lasted about 30 minutes that time though!) There is a moment in that game when your partner comes at you with a blow torch. I immediately spun around in my chair not wanting to look at what he was going to do and I swear to you right now I could feel the heat of that thing on the back of my neck.

It was the most surreal experience of my life. It was at this point I decided to skip out on Rush of Blood – mostly because of head aches, with a small tinge of real fear. Would I really be able to stick out a horror game? Sure it may look tame – but watching videos of it on YouTube and being in VR is complete chalk and cheese. The immersion that headset (and I presume Occulus and Vive as well) gives you is such an amazing feeling. Terrifying – but amazing!

So, I chickened out of PSVR Horror…….but this Tuesday I will go back and I will be on that. Time to face my fears!


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