Outlast Lets Play #HorrTober

…it’s like Fright Night – with less Colin Farrell


It’s October! Which means one thing – Mr Luvva has cracked his whip and I am stuck doing scary games posts….oooooh spooky!

Luckily for me however I have just the thing to kick this month off! Exactly what you all want but just don’t know it yet! What is it I hear you cry? Well, let me tell you! I have decided that it is time for me to leave my comfort zone. To go out into that big bad world of video games and play some horror!

Not only that, I have went through the trouble of recording it – with face cam! The game I have chosen is Outlast for the Playstation 4…and I am surprisingly enjoying it (my heart however may not thank me in the long run!)

I am currently two episodes in and will link them at the bottom of the post! If you like what you see you can always subscribe to me on youtube to make sure you don’t miss an episode! Any suggestions and constructive feedback is of course welcome!

Episode One : https://youtu.be/VeA9FL7Fknk

Episode Two : https://youtu.be/I8vvJrmFqu0

4 thoughts on “Outlast Lets Play #HorrTober

  1. I think it’s cool that you’re going outside of your comfort zone and trying a different genre. I really enjoy horror games myself, and if I can make a recommendation, I’d suggest playing through the Resident Evil Remake.


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