Friday Night = Fright Night

…Luvva had no time!

Hello dear readers, and welcome back to the blog! Yes, yes I know – you were expecting to hear from MrLuvva today as Friday is usually his slot and I usually don’t show my face until Saturdays! But I come bearing gifts!

MrLuvva has had quite the busy week so he asked me to fill in. After spending a while throughout the week doing my post for tomorrow (which will still be going live tomorrow at 5pm!) I thought I would just use this opportunity to get you guys up to speed on my Outlast play through!

If you fancy some Friday night videos, I have you covered! A double upload today! Both are apart of my Outlast play through so perfect viewing for kick starting your Halloween weekend!

Part 4 of the walk through can be found here.

Part 5 here!

If you are behind or haven’t even started yet (why not?!) you can find episode 1 here – warning though, I messed up the sound in this video but it was solved from part 2 onwards!

If you like the videos feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss the rest of the play through and any other future uploads and feel free to share it with your friends!

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