Horror In VR

…if I die in game do I die in real life?


Seeing as Playstation VR is now out and that was the last one we were waiting for, all that’s left for us to digest is the software. Due to it’s very nature of being very immersive it is no surprise a lot of developers are going the horror route. We already have “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood”, “Here They Lie”, “Emily Wants To Play” and many more. So how would I fair in horror VR?

Truthfully speaking it is probably a wide spectrum for me. Rush of Blood is probably the game I want the most when I get my Playstation VR because I loved the original game and a light gun game set in that universe appeals to me. Plus it has reviewed pretty damn well so I can’t see a problem with supporting it. However, while it is set in a horror universe the “scares” mostly consist of jump scares which (judging by gameplay I have saw) it largely telegraphed. If you are a somewhat horror movie fan you should be able to tell when the jumps are about to occur (such as lights cutting out, stopping in an empty room etc). So I think I could be able to handle that – we will see when I get it!

However, with the Resident Evil 7 release fast approaching –  Capcom have been ramping up the hype bit by bit with small snippets of information over on their Youtube channel. I watched all 4 videos this morning (they last about 40seconds each) and one has really freaked me the hell out. The only in question can be found here.

Now, you lot are probably watching that going “what the hell – it’s just a phone ringing….” Correct, you are really bang on the money really. To me though, it isn’t just a phone ringing, looking at the environment, the darkness in the room. I just know walking up to one of those phones is when SOMETHING is going to pop out and grab me. Even if that doesn’t happen – I will constantly be expecting that and that’s bad enough!

Here in lies the problem for me with horror games like that in VR. The demo for Resident Evil 7 for me was so hard for me to push through. Capcom really really nailed the atmosphere in that. I watched plenty of playthroughs, I played it through myself a few times but walking around that house I was expecting things that I knew wouldn’t happen! The tension was so palpable and I am not quite sure my heart or mental state could hold up for that in VR.


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