7/10 Game-A-Thon: Murasaki Baby

Another forgotten category is making it’s triumphant return to the blog! In my first 7/10 Game-a-thon review in almost exactly a year! Expect more of these categories to make a comeback, it’ll help keep our content fresh! You’re welcome!

murasaki baby

‘Murasaki Baby’ follows the story of a little girl known only as “Baby” and you are tasked with guiding her through a nightmarish landscape full of spikes, tentacled creatures and other children who will all pop her balloon at a moments notice. You are not in direct control of Baby however, you use the touch screen to take her hand and guide her through the levels! Continue reading


7/10 Game-a-Thon: Murdered: Soul Suspect


The window smashes as you are thrown through it.

Looking up, you see your assailant. Hooded and masked. You fire a few shots from your government grade pistol, hoping for a lucky shot as your body hurtles towards the ground.

With a crunch you land. You’re not dead, seriously hurt yes, but not dead. Your assailant walks to your side, picks up your gun and puts 5 bullets into your body.

You feel the icy grip of death on your shoulder.

This is the first few minutes of ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ and it sets the narrative in motion instantly. You are dead. There is no respawn here, you will remain a ghost, with no clues and no earthly body you go on a quest to find your killer so you can pass on to the afterlife.

The question remains though, is ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ dead good? Or just dead on arrival?

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7/10 Game-a-thon: Resident Evil: Revelations

Dipping into the backlog is always good, however when it comes to playing a new ‘Resident Evil’ the excitement reaches new levels of HYPE! Long time readers of these pages will know of my love of this franchise – but fear not this review will be unbiased and fair.


‘Resident Evil’ is a strange franchise. The first released in 1996 to universal plaudits; and rightfully so, it was almost unique in both design and tone. It was so successful that it spawned a massive number of sequels and spin-offs. As all successful franchises find though is the more games there are, the more variable their quality is (except Super Mario; has there ever been a bad Super Mario game? answers in the comments please)…

…’Resident Evil’ has found itself on the end of some bad decisions, and worse yet, bad games. The dip in form has been so lengthy that many fans have simply written off the series; those of us that have stuck around however, approach each new release with caution (I’ve yet to play ‘Resident Evil 6’ because reviews have put me off).

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7/10 Game-a-thon: Hotline Miami (PC/PS4/Vita)

That time has come again, time to raid the (growing in length) backlog and review a game that I should have when this blog was but a baby. The game today has just seen its sequel release to universally middling reviews – but this is considered a bona fide classic.


‘Hotline Miami’ launched with little fanfare but quickly made its fans with its tight top-down gameplay and 1980s inspired soundtrack; but what did I think of it?

Is it worth digging out? Or should it be left in the 80s alongside bouffant hair and massive shoulder pads?

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7/10 game-a-thon: Deadly Premonition: My investigation of quality (review)

“I’m Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Please call me York, everyone does”

These words sum up ‘Deadly Premonition’ better than I ever could! If everyone calls him “York” then why go to the bother of introducing yourself with your job title, full name and end with what you prefer to be called! Why not just introduce yourself as “York”?


You’ll find yourself asking questions like this throughout the entire duration of York’s investigation of the ‘Raincoat Killer’ – you’ll also find yourself laughing, getting scared and wondering why that musical cue was there!

You’re probably aware of ‘Deadly Premonition’ and its status as the best/worst game of the last console generation. So you may want to consider this review my investigation into whether or not you should commit your time (and it will require a substantial investment) to ‘Deadly Premonition’.

Should you play this game? Let’s look at the evidence and come to the right verdict.

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7/10 Game-a-thon: Gone Home



It’s been a very long time since I delved into my backlog and reviewed what I’ve played. This week I streamed ‘Gone Home’, a game that’s been sitting in my steam collection for a very long time.

It’s a game whose content is sure to be hugely divisive and it could be a marmite game. The question is though was it worth coming home for, or should it have stayed where it was?

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7/10 Game-a-thon: I am Alive.


A game we decided to play in public – check out our playthough of ‘I am Alive’ on youtube in our playlist.

Can a game that went through development hell really be worth your time, and was it worth the wait?

Can a game survive being relegated from AAA to downloadable title?

Is ‘I am Alive’ a fully-fleshed game or the charred remains of what could have been?

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