Are Activision Giving Up?

…Not that I am complaining!

We have all been here a million times now, it is the season for the new Call of Duty and Battlefield reveals! DICE tweeted yesterday that they will unveiling their new game on May 6th (9pm BST) and while Activision are yet to say anything, we have got a few “leaks”. Continue reading

2nd Anniversary Celebrations #6

This is my last highlight post as part of this years celebrations (although Sherry still has his on Sunday) and to be honest, I’m a little sad – the second year is gone and April is fading away.

On the bright side though, it’s snowing outside as I type this and the dawn of the third year of MrLuvvaLuvva is upon us and I do have some changes that I want to make. I’ll talk about those in a future post though; but some are exciting and some are very different to what you may expect.

News will be coming soon – you may even see something before the announcement! Continue reading

Mirrors Edge Catalyst BETA Thoughts

One of my favourite games of last generation is finally getting a sequel. When EA unveiled the teaser trailer for ‘Mirrors Edge Catalyst’ last E3 I became an excited quivering mess and I’m not embarrassed about who knows that! At all.

When they announced that there would be a closed BETA for it though, I instantly signed up for it and hoped to get selected. Last week was quite unpleasant for me, the BETA began and I had received no email. I feared the worst and was hugely disappointed – especially in the wake of the delay announcement – how was I going to wait until June?

Slowly but surely I came to terms with my snub and got on with my life….

….then, on the Saturday, my code arrived in my inbox. I was elated – question is though is the game worth (free) running to, or should you (free) run away from it? Continue reading

2nd Anniversary Celebrations #5

Well the anniversary date has officially passed, but we’re gonna keep this party going until the end of the week! That means we’ll have a few more good posts for you to enjoy – then we’re into May which is my birthday month, the NBI and the big rush for E3 and Gamescom! Exciting times ahead!

If I picked my last post because I was almost 100% correct with it, then today’s post is the diametric opposite to it! Here was a time that I was 100% completely wrong! In my hubris I cocked up!  Continue reading

Battleborn BETA Thoughts

BETA season is upon us; and in a rather generous move, Gearbox and 2K allowed gamers a full 10 days of their new MOBA ‘Battleborn’. On top of this long time to play there was also an absolute metric ton of content in that BETA too, 2 story mode missions, 2 multiplayer modes, 25 heroes and 3 progression systems!

Almost too generous; but it’s better than struggling for things to do!

While it was undoubtedly heaving with content all of it would be for naught if it wasn’t worth playing. So the question is, should you buy ‘Battleborn’ come May 3rd? Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #48

Well the past week has been a very good one for all involved in Luvva Towers – it saw me upload my first YouTube video in nearly a year, I received my free Elgato HD60S (review incoming), I got into the ‘Mirrors Edge: Catalyst’ Closed BETA and it was a  belter of week for the blog! Success!

I’ve also been reading a ton of stuff on the pages of other fine blogs and; by now, you really should know what to do, bu just in case you don’t – click the links that tickle your fancy and support these great blogs! Continue reading

2nd Anniversary Celebrations #3

I’m gonna be honest here folks, the post that I was hoping to have done for today has fallen to the wayside! It won’t be ready until early next week, the bad news is that today will be another post highlight instead of brand new content.

The good news is that next week you get an extra piece of content to feast your eyes on and challenge your perception of gaming! (warning: it may not be that amazing!)

But I did promise you two full weeks of a post-a-day and that is what I will deliver! Continue reading