Metroid 2 remake has Hard difficulty locked behind amiibo

In yet another blatant anti-consumer move Nintendo has confirmed that the hard mode (imaginatively called ‘Fusion Mode’) will be only unlocked by the metroid amiibo Continue reading


Games With Gold August 2017


Again, I completely missed the announcement of these titles (and I apparently missed the July announcement completely too) bloody hell! I gotta follow Major Nelson to see when these bad boys get announced (if anyone can help me out on this please tell me in the comments).

Remember to download the free games before July ends (‘Grow Up’, ‘Runbow’, ‘Lego Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days’). but out with the old and in with the new; here’s what will come free with your Xbox Live subscription in August!

It’s a good month all round!
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PlayStation Plus Games August 2017

PS-Plus-giugnoIt’s that day again; the last Wednesday of the month (again) – which means that Sony announce the games that we’ll get for free as part of our PlayStation Plus subscriptions. And it is a bit of a humdinger (at least for PlayStation 4 owners) with a good selection of AAA games.

Here they are though; the games you’ll be getting on PlayStation Plus August 2017…

…’That’s You’ is still available as a bonus title until October. Continue reading

The Last Guardian Thoughts

… Dog-Beasts Are A Mans Best Friend.

Trico and me

I am back! I know I said it last time, but life has been so hectic this summer! I thought it would have giving me more time to dedicate to the blog but instead it has been a giant vacuum sucking up all my free time! I whole-heartedly apologise! Now that is over with, I want to discuss my experience with The Last Guardian. Of course expect spoilers so if you still haven’t played it – I recommend you turn away from this article and go and do so! You have been warned! Continue reading