2016: A (Gaming) Year in Review Part 2


In our last post we looked at the games that had been released in Quarter 1 2016 and were pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of stuff (so much so that I had written far too much and had to split the article) that had been put out there.

Quarter 2 was more of the same, but with a dramatic increase in the quality of the software. In Q2 we see a few incredibly high quality games and one all-time classic (I wonder what it is!)!

So here we are, picking up where we left off in part one. Enjoy! Continue reading

2016: A (gaming) year in review Part 1


2016 is, if our listen to Facebook, the “worst year ever” and a “year to be forgot” and other such hyperbolic nonsense! For us gamers though 2016 will be remembered as an excellent year for the hobby we love.

In every quarter we were treated to some absolutely brilliant games and more than one all time classic as well, in essence, we were spoilt rotten this year and although three were a number of high-profile flops (or bombas as the Internet now calls them) that doesn’t deminish the quality of the titles.

We also celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, started collecting the rare mythical Pokemon and then witnessed the franchise apart the status quo on mobile while simultaneously becoming the biggest game of the year with Pokémon GO!

On top of this we saw the release of four new bits of hardware and the announcement of two more – but we also heard the death kneels for two beloved consoles (both Nintendo) but its all in the name of progress, I can’t remember a year in which quite so much happened.

In the process of writing this feature I realised that it was going to be far too long (it was over 2000 words) so what was originally intended to be a two-part series has become a four parter! Here’s what happened in Quarter 1 2016! Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

MrJohnSherry and I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


We also want to extend our thanks to everyone of our readers! Without you guys this blog would’ve disappeared a long time ago. You keep us motivated and  you keep on helping us reach new heights – once again we’ve broken our record for unique visitors and that’s down to everyone of you! 

This week will be a normal week for the blog; Sherry and I will be discussing our Games of the year and reviewing 2016 from a gaming perspective! 

Once more – have a great Christmas and an even better new year! 

Local Multiplayer Games I’ll Be Enjoying Tomorrow!


Christmas is a ridiculously busy time for everyone, you have to make time for your family, your significant other’s family and of course yourself! There is a very simple way of achieving these three aims though and it requires little planning and even less effort – plus it sneaks in some extra gaming time!

That is, of course, playing local multiplayer games with those around you! REcently though the local multiplayer game has been in decline, but there is still a wide range of titles out there for you and yours to enjoy!

In what has become a Luvva Christmas Eve tradition (seriously check out last years post and the year before too!) here’s what I’ll be playing with my ones this Christmas day; along with some expert tips in how to maximise the craic, get everybody into the spirit and having the time of their lives! Continue reading

My Christmas Games 2016


Every year I make sure that I have kept a game or two to play through my two weeks off over Christmas – every year I do the same thing, buy too many games and struggle to fit them all into my schedule then eventually get round to them over the holidays.

This year is absolutely no different and I have a few games that I am going to be playing – before I begin with my list though, it is important to add that I have asked MrsLuvva for ‘Watch_Dogs 2’ and as we speak there is a very “blu ray” shaped present under the tree; so I’m not going to be adding that to the list, because it could very well be something that’s not ‘Watch_dogs’!

No, the purpose of this post is to tell you the games I’m going to tackle of my backlog and have a bloody great Christmas of gaming!

Without further ado, here’s the games that will be taking up my Christmas holiday. Continue reading

The Ultimate Gamer Christmas List


Last year I compiled two lists of gifts for gamers; one was for the cheapo gifts (perfect for secret Santa) the other was more expensive (but still pretty reasonable). And this year I’m following them up with a gift list so decadent that it will make your eyes water, so expensive you’ll sneer and so amazing you’ll want most (if not all) of the things listed.

Christmas is already expensive enough – do not read if you are a carnivorous consumer!

You have been warned! Continue reading

The Christmas games rush is killing the industry!


Every year is the same; there are little to no games released in July/August and come mid-October the excrement hits the fan and, seemingly, every week has 3/4 blockbusters released. Commonly this time of year is called the “Christmas Games Rush” and it has been a fixture of the industry since the dawn of time.

The games rush exists for one thing and one thing only; to capitalise on the holiday season and to eek out a few more sales. As a business decision it makes perfect sense; people are willing to spend more money around October to December as financial reports will attest – so releasing games in that period WILL see bigger profits. Right?

Well; if this year is anything to go by, no. No it’s not. The winter games rush brings with it several massive problems for the industry that, should they go unchanged for much longer, it will destroy it! Continue reading

Games that remind me of Christmas #4


It’s better late than never!

The Christmas season has officially begun at Luvva Towers (and with only a week left to the big day – Cheers Luvva; or should I say Scrooge?!) and what better way to forward to the big day than by looking into the Christmas’ that have passed?

I will have content, pretty much every day this week for you in an effort to make up for a last quarter with less than 1/3 of our usual output! I know it won’t make up for that, but it will; hopefully begin to atone for it!

Our first post celebrating the most Jesus-y of days is of course a continuation of a series we started last year; talking about games that remind us of Christmas, even though they may have nothing to do with Christmas in content.

To refresh your memories; my first game was ‘Ridge Racer’ (you can read why here), I’ve covered ‘Tomb Raider’ and even Sherry has chatted about ‘Rock Band’! Which brings us bang up to date and the first reminiscing of this year; which is going to be ‘Assassin’s Creed’! Continue reading