Destiny review (Raid update 8/11/14)

It’s been here for a few weeks and I’ve put clocked up more hours than i’d care to admit into ‘Destiny’. The most expensive game ever made and the biggest release of the year…question is this a game that will last the full ten years that Activision have signed up for? Or is it just a $500,000,000 disappointment?


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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (22-28/09/14)

This has been a mental week at LuvvaLuvva Towers guys, we’ve been hammering out posts, trying to sort out our technical issues with video production & streaming, and of course gaming. Unfortunately these technical gremlins are smacking us around at the moment and; again, we have no new youtube videos for ya…soz bout that.

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Real-life versions of video games

Sometimes in life video games can break the forth wall and invade our real lives. No-one is safe from this phenomenon and while it can be embarrassing; it’s almost always awesome!

Lets look at a few of the times video games happen in real life. We’ll not cheat here either; you won’t see free-running, skateboarding or football, they existed before the games. So without further ado aaaaaaaaaaway we gooooo*…

*warning: may contain satire

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My experience with game streaming

Since I started blogging my gaming life has gotten more sophisticated, I started with the 3 main consoles and an old gaming laptop; nowadays I have a PS4 and a;pretty powerful, PC capable of running modern games. I have also started a Youtube channel and was uploading with regularity, recently however this video making process has been hampered by problem after problem. I also had aspirations of streaming a little each week.

What follows is a newbies’ account of streaming via a PC.

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Do you have fun playing video games?


I always get asked interesting questions from people. Especially from non-gamers; they seem to have an interest into the psyche of a video gamer. Yesterday I got asked a question, that on the surface was a silly one…the more I thought about it though the more the answer became more distant.

A colleague asked me if I actually have fun when video games.

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This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers…(15-21/09/14)

This week was ‘I heart gaming’ week. We tried to celebrate our hobby and show it in its best possible light! We explored relationships that have been strengthened through video games and why video games are awesome…why not catch up on these literary masterpiece?

Unfortunately there were technical issues and we were unable to upload any new videos (boo, hiss) but rest assured that we are working on them and things should be back to normal (or close to it) this coming week.

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Reasons games are awesome

We all know that games are awesome. That’s why we play. Have you ever stopped and thought “Why are games so awesome?” Course you haven’t, you are too busy travelling across dimensions and universes shooting bad guys faces and saving princesses; you have no time for philosophical questions. Let us attempt to answer that question in a list form.

Videogames awesome

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Friendships forged in video games – Part 2


Continuing our retrospective of relationships that were forged over video games we come to our next anecdote…

House of the Dead 2.

My Dad is a funny one, he spent most of his adult life buying my brothers’ and I video games yet I don’t think I ever saw him play one for any real amount of time. Until the day I got a copy of ‘House of the Dead 2’ on my SEGA Dreamcast. Maybe it was the arcade perfect conversion. Maybe it was the really cool Dreamcast Blaster peripheral that came with it. There was something that my Dad loved about this game.

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Friendships forged in video games – Part 1

The inspiration behind my last blog post (my gaming life) was born of reading Cary’s post on the exact same topic; and also because I wanted to remind my readers that gaming can be a good influence on people and that we should remember the fun times we’ve had in front of a console/PC.

It was a post that I loved writing and wish that I could’ve went into more stories about my gaming life…so this week is going to be ‘I heart gaming week’. Let’s kick it off by looking at the connections i’ve made in my life through gaming.

I heart gaming

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