Bolstering My Retro Collection: Dreamcast Bargains Pt. 1

As regular readers may be aware, I rescued my Dreamcast from my mum’s attic, this led me down a very dangerous path…

…game chasing.

Let me paint you the scene, you find a beloved old console and you plug it in, it works. You pop in a disc it also works and you have a lot of fun. Sometimes, that game you loved, doesn’t work – so you go to replace it. It ain’t cheap. On your search for a cheap/reasonable priced version of that game you find a whole host of other games for the console that you always wanted but never bought.

All of a sudden you have a massive list of games that you want – this is what happened me this summer! I have bolstered my Dreamcast Collection, but on the path of danger I have found some bonafide bargains.

Unfortunately we have no retro gaming stores in Northern Ireland so eBay was my only hope – here’s what I’ve got (all prices include P&P)! Please keep in mind that I am collecting these games in order to play them, the discs in working order is all I really care about!  Continue reading


A Streamers Diary (June/July)

It’s that time again, I have to update my experiences live on the twitch-o-sphere! The past few months have been host to a very sporadic streaming schedule; which I feel is understandable considering I became a father for the first time.

Even though my schedule has been all over the place though doesn’t mean I have nothing to talk about here, oh no, I’ve hit a few milestones and gained a few stories to tell.

Some are even interesting! Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #17

I have spent the past week in (very) rural Ireland which, as you can probably imagine, meant that the internet connection was iffy at best, and unusable at worst. While it was a great holiday full of relaxing, eating, drinking and shopping (oh, and ziplining, there was ziplining too!) there was little to no internetting.

This meant that my reading of other blogs was limited to only a few…still I can make a roundup of the posts that I got to read, these were scattered over a day or two only, so sorry if I’ve left your great post out. As MJ sang – blame it on the boogie (or internet connection).

So here is my; shorter than usual, roundup of posts you should have read. Rest assured that things will be back to normal next week – hopefully you’ll click every link and give these posts the hits they deserve. Continue reading

Gaming worlds that would make terrible holiday destinations

Bad holiday

On the flip side of our last article, there are gaming worlds that would make a terrible holiday destination, maybe it’s because they’re war-torn, full of dangerous animals/natives or maybe they are just your classic shit hole.

Here’s some such places that you wouldn’t want to visit, ever, ever-ever!  Continue reading

Gaming Worlds That Would Make A Great Holiday Destination


As you may know – I’m on holiday this week (the first, hopefully of many, for my small family) and I thought, what a way to celebrate my first holiday in years (seriously, it’s been 5 years since my last one) than looking at the places in games that would make a great holiday destination.

Gaming is a melting pot for creativity; regardless of what the media may tell you, and this stretches beyond character design, the worlds in which we inhabit (albeit temporarily) are sometimes incredibly beautiful, or just full of things we wish could be real. Often the gaming world is ten times better than the real world; these are my picks of those worlds. Continue reading

Gaming Crushes – now with added prizes!


No, not this guy!

If we’re being honest here, we’re all human and we are all driven by our thoughts and emotions. MrJohnSherry recently explored games that created said emotions but what of the characters that bring out, our…more…primal emotions?

Be honest, we’ve all had those crushes on characters, and while it is embarrassing to admit it’s good to remember that these characters are all ideal representations of us, they are often unrealistically proportioned and unrealistically beautiful. Below is a list of the games characters that are usually the target of our affections…

…let’s play a game too, which one was MrLuvva’s awkward gaming crush? Prize will be a game code for the lucky reader (warning: may an old game). Continue reading

Luvva Asks You: Do You Care About Gamescom?


Welcome to the first ever “Luvva Asks You” a series in which I will be asking for your input to my blog, I will discuss a topic and ask you to feedback via the comment section. For this series to really work, I’m hoping for many comments to further the discussion and present different points of view. If what I say raises an opinion in you, please share it.

Over the past week Gamescom; the second biggest gaming trade show, has been running in Cologne, Germany. One thing that has grabbed my attention though wasn’t the game announcements nor the videos of eagerly anticipated games.

It was the lack of reporting or reaction about Gamescom around the blogosphere! It got me thinking about how people view this event, why is no-one writing about it (aside from the big media outlets) and why is there no excitement or discussion? Continue reading