MrLuvvaLuvva’s Game of the Year 2017

Even though 2017 was an amazing year for games; I really did not play many games released throughout the year; in fact, I played a tiny amount of games released in 2017. It made picking my GOTY much easier than it has been previously though – and that is something that I can get on-board with! Continue reading

Games that took up my 2017

Christmas 2017

Even though 2017 was a pretty poor year for blog output (especially the second half of the year) it was an absolute stormer in terms of me playing games! Unfortunately for me and my Game of the Year, most (if not all) of these games were released too early to be considered for the title!

When I look back at those games that have stuck in my head, there is a real variety in genres, tones and content! It really is an embarrassment of riches at the moment, gaming feels like it is going through a golden era; I am confident that in a few years we’ll all look back at 2017 with the same love that we do 2007!

Here’s the games that stick out in my mind, the games that made my 2017 absolutely amazing! Continue reading

My Christmas Games 2017

Christmas 2017As regular readers are more than aware of by now, I hold back a few games each year in order to play through them over my Christmas holidays (being a teacher has its benefits – namely a 2 week break over Christmas). Sometimes I hold back these games purposefully because they are part of a franchise that I associate with Christmas (like Tomb Raider), and others just happen to be pushed into the backlog because I buy too many games and complete too few!

This year is no different; I have a list of games the length of my arm and choices are going to have to be made this Christmas. I am expecting to have a few family nights this year so – for perhaps the first time ever, my list is dominated with multiplayer games that I plan on enjoying with those nearest and dearest to me (the true meaning of Christmas gaming)! Continue reading

2016: A (Gaming) Year in Review Part 4

And we have come to the final quarter of 2016 (catch up with part 1, part 2 and part 3) – silly season, the winter games rush, the “why do they do this every year?” period.

Whatever you call it October-December is absolutely mental for games releases and that means that I am going to be cherry picking releases from each month rather than attempting to talk about them all.

Here are SOME of what was released during funny season (and why this period is killing the industry) Continue reading