Call of Duty Modern Warfare : Remastered – Impressions



Yesterday marked the yearly release of the annual sales killer – Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare but as we all know by now, that wasn’t the Call of Duty game everyone was excited for. Modern Warfare Remastered had triggered a lot of people like myself to opt for the “Legacy edition” to get two games for £70. So, how well does it age? Continue reading

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review


For many years now the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise has been sneered at by the Hardcore gamer. They lambaste it for the audience it garners (vociferous teenage boys with mics) and for being more of the same, the famous “copy and paste” scenes of ‘Modern Warfare 2’ and  ‘Ghosts’ seemed to confirm everything they hated about the franchise.

New studio Sledgehammer Studios were originally tasked with making a COD spin-off title, now they are the lead of this years annual release and they have their work cut out for them following the abysmal ‘COD: Ghosts’.

The question is have they succeeded in making a good COD game that has significant changes to entice people back?

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