Preparing for Youtube

…creativity don’t fail me now!


Today marks the 2 week and one day window towards a little indie game from Hello Games called ‘No Man’s Sky’, not too sure if you guys have heard of it – you probably have. This game to me has my head doing swirls with ideas I could finally get my teeth into and start creating youtube videos that actually have substance. Continue reading

5 Things I Love In The Sonic Mania Trailer

This week has turned into Sonic week! Which is fine by me, although I rarely talk about him (because of the quality of the titles) but I was a full on Sonic fan in the early 90s. My brothers and I literally played Sonic 1 & 2 for months on end after release; hell we even roped in our sisters to play the multiplayer in Sonic 2 and they also loved it!


Sonic was quality! His games were quality and everyone knows it! Once he went 3D though it all went to shit, the quality dropped off the face of a cliff and plummeted so deep not even James Cameron could find it (find out why this happened here)!

But ‘Sonic Mania’ is coming and it looks bloody fantastic; Sonic looks like he has gotten his groove back and I for one am excited to play this game when it lands in 2017. While the entire trailer is absolute fire, here are the five things that I liked the most. Continue reading

Where it all went wrong for Sonic


On Sunday we were given a glimpse of the best looking Sonic game since ‘Sonic 3’ – ‘Sonic Mania’ was unveiled to mark the 25th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog and boy oh boy, doesn’t it look to be a real return of form for the titular hedgehog!


The game looks like a ROM hack of ‘Sonic 3 & Knuckles’ (this is a good thing) and features current pixel-art tech and tricks to successfully create a genuinely modern, retro title. It also features re-imagined zones from Sonic, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 on top of all new zones and bosses. It is hugely exciting – especially since the last good Sonic game was Generations and the last great one was Sonic 3…

…but why has it taken so long for Sonic to get back into the limelight?

What is it that makes 3D Sonic games so bad?

Where did it all go wrong for a gaming phenomenon?  Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #53

Now we have surpassed the year of Luv-In’s (even though in reality it is closer to 14 months) and yet we are still going strong, hopefully it has introduced you to great posts, articles and writers. That is, after all, the entire point of this series!

We are also coming into August, which means that the majority of the year is now, officially, behind us! Looking forward there is Frightfest and my traditional Christmas seasons of posts – as well as a few surprises and experimental posts.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for the real gaming season to come at us with full force! But anyway, back on topic, here are a few of the posts that I have read and really enjoyed this week – as always, if you have a great post you wish to share please do so in the comment section! Continue reading

Kerbal Space Program: The First 2 Hours

Kerbal Space Program is a game that I’ve had my eye on for a very long time; I don’t know why I hadn’t pulled the trigger on it way before this point – but when I saw it at £16 in the most recent steam sale and the “overwhelmingly positive” reviews, it was a no-brainer.


For those who are not in the know, ‘Kerbal Space Program’ (KSP from now on) is a sandbox space exploration game in which you create your own objectives, your own starships and begin to explore the universe around the planet Kerbal.

Oh my its difficult

Continue reading

Kick Off Revival Review

I remember the days of yore, the King of the soccer games wasn’t FIFA, nor was it PES! It was Kick Off! Dino Dini had created a game so pure it perfectly captured the essence of the beautiful game…well before any of that unpleasant FIFA corruption stuff!


Released in 1990 ‘Kick Off 2’ was the pinnacle of the series and Dino Dini’s programming career! Shortly after ‘Kick Off 2’ he left the publisher Anco and made ‘Goal!’. While it was decent enough game using the same gameplay style, it lacked the staying power of ‘KO2’ and was superseded by the vastly superior ‘Sensible Soccer’.

After a dreadful reboot in 2002 it seemed that the ‘Kick Off’ series was dead and buried…

…how I wish it was! Continue reading

Why I Am All In for VR


Over the next few months I am anticipating a spate of posts outlining whether people are in or out of VR and their reasons for said opinion. I thought I’d jump ahead of the curve (typical Luvva; fucking post hipster – Editor) and tell you categorically that I am MrLuvvaLuvva and I am all IN for VR!

You may already know this, but I have preordered the PSVR headset, I have bought a PS4 Camera and two PSMove controllers; on top of this I have ordered ‘RIGS’, ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’ and ‘VR Worlds’ all in anticipation of October 13th.

I am excite! And here’s a little piece telling you why I am so excited. Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #52

3 in a row! Score!

This is on the back of our most successful week ever on these hallowed pages! It really was incredible to see the influx of traffic over the last 7 days – talk about a whole new motivation…

…here are the posts that I have read and enjoyed (I also ninja liked them as I compiled my list) I promise I will work on my lack of comments; I really feel that these posts deserve the time to comment on them. Just need to make it a habit! One day thought, I will be a comment-guy, commenter, commentor, commentator?! What are they called?

As always, link us to the posts you have enjoyed in the comments and have a great week! Continue reading

Pokemon GO – Fad or lasting experience?

In my lifetime I have seen so many fads come into and go out of public consciousness: Pogs, the Yoyo, Tamogachi, Slap Bracelets and Beanie Babies. There is one “fad” that has never gone away though, Pokemon. In fact recently it’s been bigger than it ever has!

pokemon go

Over the past week my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been crammed full of people playing Pokemon GO; even people who have never expressed any desire to play games are at it. People who have called me “childish” and “immature” because I play Pokemon on my 3DS are at it! Young, old and in-between are all at it!

Companies are at it too! Taking full advantage of the GPS capabilities of the game as a form of advertising! They are placing lures at their premises in order to drive footfall into their stores. It’s mental. Over the past 7 days Pokemon GO has become the most successful mobile game of all time; it’s raked in over $14.4mill and attracted more daily users than Twitter (21 million) and it is only set to grow!

The world has gone Poke-crazy!

What makes the impact of Pokemon GO so impressive is that it hasn’t been officially released here in the UK! These people, non-gamers, have went to great lengths in order to play the game (especially on iOS which requires you to make a new account!)

…my question is – does Pokemon GO have the legs to be more than just a “fad”? Continue reading