Preparing for Youtube

…creativity don’t fail me now!


Today marks the 2 week and one day window towards a little indie game from Hello Games called ‘No Man’s Sky’, not too sure if you guys have heard of it – you probably have. This game to me has my head doing swirls with ideas I could finally get my teeth into and start creating youtube videos that actually have substance.

Up until this point my youtube channel consists of random videos of random games talking random nonsense over it. Truth be told, they are a bit half assed but I still enjoyed creating them. I got to know the very basics of editing doing them (specifically the Street Fighter V series videos) and was just enjoying what I was doing. But I always wanted to come up with this big idea.

A big idea which I think I can finally realise with ‘No Mans Sky’. But would there be an audience for it? Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to be the next PewDiePie (but I wouldn’t turn it down!) I just want to create content 2-3 times a week which would have a dedicated following of a couple thousand people and I would be over the moon with that.
Youtube and other outlets like WordPress, Twitch, HitBox etc allow us the freedom to put whatever we want onto the internet, whenever we want.

It allows our generation, past generations and future generations to control what we watch, control what we read and has almost limitless opportunities. Go out there, express yourselves and have fun guys!

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