Why I Am All In for VR


Over the next few months I am anticipating a spate of posts outlining whether people are in or out of VR and their reasons for said opinion. I thought I’d jump ahead of the curve (typical Luvva; fucking post hipster – Editor) and tell you categorically that I am MrLuvvaLuvva and I am all IN for VR!

You may already know this, but I have preordered the PSVR headset, I have bought a PS4 Camera and two PSMove controllers; on top of this I have ordered ‘RIGS’, ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’ and ‘VR Worlds’ all in anticipation of October 13th.

I am excite! And here’s a little piece telling you why I am so excited.

oldtimeyvrThe Revolution is here…

I remember going Christmas Shopping with my parents way back in the early 90s; our local shopping centre had 2 VR stands where you could pay £5 for 5 minutes. I remember watching everyone play a weird Pterodactyl based multiplayer game (it was a primitive first-person shooter where you shot your opponent with a crossbow)! I watched these people put on the huge headset and stand on a railed platform (to stop them falling off) and get murdered by  each other and the persistent Dinosaur – it was amazing to watch but I really wanted to play!

I begged mum to let me have a go but the guy said I was too young and it would make me sick…

…a lot of people were sick to be honest. I remember them handing out airline sick bags to those unfortunate enough to suffer from motion sickness, but the idea of Virtual Reality stuck in my head – it became the holy grail of gaming for me! I have longed for a viable VR headset that didn’t make me lose my breakfast for over 20 years.

A few years back I saw the Oculus Rift and it was a great first step towards a VR future that I have dreamed of – however the high price of the Developer Kits and my lack of a PC meant that it was agonisingly out of my reach. I also didn’t like the idea of spending $400 on a product that was still in active development – I’m not that much of an early adopter! The Oculus was the moment though, the catalyst that led to the current situation of having 3 major VR headsets on the market – it’s what led to me preordering the PSVR.

Why now, why PSVR?

Aside from a childhood dream being realised there is a very concrete reason why I am all in for VR – the fact that it is something different; and dare I say it, revolutionary.

Xbox-360-Kinect-StandaloneI, far too often, hear and read gamers complain about how everything is the same and how innovation is dead and yet when developers give us something new many of us back away from it through some weird fear of progress.

I’ve seen many gaming innovations fall to the wayside – the Kinect is one major example of this. Sure it sold crazy well in its first few months (although return and trade in rates were through the roof very early); but the early software for it was weak and it led to absolutely everyone blaming the hardware and disregarding it as a viable platform. I still think that this was a mistake and with the release of ‘FRU’ I feel somewhat vindicated. The Kinect could have (and should) been a game changer, if it was given time and proper software support (rather than shovelware). It was capable of delivering experiences that are still unavailable anywhere else. I feel that VR will avoid the mistakes of the Kinect, none of the hardware has been rushed to market and…

…then there is the software for PSVR! I don’t know about you, as much as I love them, I don’t think I could play first-person/third-person shooters, platformers, RPGs and racing games from now until I kick the bucket. I want to experience things that cannot be gotten in another medium, I want gaming to mature into something I could have only dreamed of as a child. I want to be to fully immersed in gaming worlds that give me some emotional response (be it fear, excitement or relaxation). The line up of games that Sony have announced for the PSVR looks to give me everything on this list!

RIGS01.jpgThere are fully fledged games for the PSVR; ‘RIGS’ sounds as though it has the mechanics to rival any comparable AAA traditional game – but with VR it has a USP. ‘Rez’ was one of my favourite games on Dreamcast and while it was utterly unique (and still is) adding VR is a masterstroke and will make it the trippiest game ever made. And ‘Resident Evil VII’ – oh my god survival horror in VR will be truly poop your pants scary! VR will breath new life into long forgotten genres. I could squeal with excitement!

As good as the “real” games look it is the “experiences” that I am most excited by for VR!

There is a huge amount of variety in the experience and they all look to genuinely offer something we’ve never seen before in gaming. I cannot wait to ride the roller-coaster in ‘Rush of Blood’; nor can I wait to don the cowl of Batman, and I certainly cannot wait to do the trench run in ‘Star Wars X-Wing Mission’ – who here can say that, that is not something they have dreamed of their entire life?!

To be honest, I also cannot wait to watch movies on the PSVR too!

For gaming to continue to evolve it needs us to take a leap of faith every now and again. We did it with the NES, the Wii, the DS and mobile phones – we need to do it now with VR. It is looking like the next logical progression of gaming and these early models represent the future of our hobby, support them and in a decade we’ll all be living in a world of science fiction.

We are at a crossroad and we are the architects of our own destiny. I’ve chosen my direction…

…have you?

VR – are you in or out?

Tell me your answer and your reasons why in the comments below!



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