When enough, is too much

….I’m back!


After quite the long hiatus, I am back to my weekly spot! Hooray! Sorry about the absence, but I have had little to no time over recent weeks – and just a heads up there will be no post next week as I will be perusing around London looking for all the Pokémon!

Speaking of Pokémon, I have spent roughly about £200 on games this year yet apart from ‘The Division’ and ‘Overwatch’ none have gripped my quite like Pokémon Go. Going around the town centre stopping by Pokéstops to get supplies and looking for Pokémon always runs you into like minded people who come from all types of backgrounds – and this has been so awesome! I have never seen anything quite like it since the release of the original games ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’. Pokécraze is real people!

Alas, we are not here to discuss Pokémon today more – why aren’t games gripping me anymore? The first reason (which I have covered before) is manufactured hype. Getting involved in that week / two weeks before release whirlwind of “OMGTHISWILLBE THEBESTHINGEVAARR!!111Oneoneone!” that I seem to constantly get caught out by due to friends.

You see a lot of what my friends play games for I don’t – I couldn’t care any less for some of the types of games they bought. The most recent game I had this happen for was ‘7 Days To Die’ on PS4. Talking about all the possible possibilities we could get up to, have since fell quite flat – mainly because some just want to do achievements and I really don’t want to put my spare time (which has been quite precious of late) into a broken ass piece of crap. It has the potential to be a very good game but right now it is so buggy, I can only take very limited enjoyment from it. I suspect it will be uninstalled sooner rather than later.

The main reason I don’t get my “moneys worth” from games is sort of a side note of the first point. When you move from game to game with friends you leave yourself open to not only their hype and expectations as well as your own – but you also leave yourself open to the inevitable “this was the game we were REALLY waiting for”. Before 7 Days to Die a few where discussing how the real game they were hyped for was “Ark” and this game was going to act as a sort of distraction until then.

When you hear stuff like that it does make you think – do I really want to put a month of my free time into this game, just for it to all be gone. The answer is no. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame my friends for moving from game to game and so on – I do and have done the same. I just think at the place where my gaming life is now, I am looking for more solid experiences. Things I can keep coming back to time and time again and get the same satisfaction. I used to think buying all the games was the path to this problem – but I would rather buy the games I really want and forget about the others. My old enough, is now my too much.

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