Games That Got Better Over Time

…patches will fix everything!

a realm reborn

In light of the magnificent release of No Man’s Sky patch 1.3 I thought we should take time to appreciate other games and developers that never gave up through sketchy initial releases and make the game live up to it’s full potential! Also, I am back!¬† Continue reading


Pitfalls of Genres

….beware of traps!


Survival games are nothing new any more, gone are the days when people looked at Minecraft and went “Whoa! Nothing else like this on the market” because well – nearly everything is trying to emulate that Minecraft appeal with certain twists. Continue reading

MrLuvva’s Luv-In #56

This week I have a bumper crop of posts for your enjoyment and consumption!

Over the past week there have been two games that have dominated the blogosphere Pokemon GO (still…) and No Man’s Sky. Needless to say there are a lot of posts about both coming up – so if you’re sick of either DO NOT PROCEED!!!!

GET BACK HERE! That was a joke! Come read these posts that I have compiled for you; you ungrateful jerk!

As always guys, click on the posts that sound interesting to you and support these fine writers! If you have a post that you think people should read, then link us to it in the comment section! Continue reading

3 No Man’s Sky Meta Games

So ‘No Man’s Sky’ was released the world over this week and if you read my last post (if not, why not?) you’ll know that I am not in the least excited by the game. I did not buy it and I have absolutely no intention of doing so anytime soon; perhaps ever!


What I have been doing though is chatting with my friends who are super excited by ‘No Man’s Sky’ and checking out a few live streams (but not for long, it is not exactly a “spectator sport”).

Today however on my usual cycle of internet site surfing I realised that there are quite a few hilarious ‘No Man’s Sky’ META games that can be played by people like me.

Here is a small selection of the games I have been playing while avoiding the game… Continue reading

No Man’s Sky and Why I Don’t Care

‘No Man’s Sky’ is out tomorrow (in the UK; today in the US), and I couldn’t care less.


A part of me watches the hype train and wishes that I could hop aboard, but I just cannot. I watch MrJohnSherry and a few other friends in our Facebook chat talk about this game and share videos and pictures and they are so excited; more excited than I have ever seen them and I feel a little left out.

There is however a larger part of me and it doesn’t give a damn about ‘No Man’s Sky’ because there is nothing about this game that has me, even remotely, excited. It’s strange because¬†this is the game I dreamt about when I was a small boy playing on my Mega Drive; I would’ve been at the front of the queue had this been released in 1993!

Hell; if we go back to E3 2014 and the announcement of ‘No Man’s Sky’ I was HYPED! I would’ve bought it there and then if they had’ve said it was available – it looked amazing…

Continue reading