MrLuvva’s Luv-In #52

3 in a row! Score!

This is on the back of our most successful week ever on these hallowed pages! It really was incredible to see the influx of traffic over the last 7 days – talk about a whole new motivation…

…here are the posts that I have read and enjoyed (I also ninja liked them as I compiled my list) I promise I will work on my lack of comments; I really feel that these posts deserve the time to comment on them. Just need to make it a habit! One day thought, I will be a comment-guy, commenter, commentor, commentator?! What are they called?

As always, link us to the posts you have enjoyed in the comments and have a great week!

General Gaming Posts

Top 5 Reasons To Play: Tales From The Borderlands by Robo Heart Beat

Hype Has Gotten A Bit Out Of Hand by HatM0nster (United We Game)

Why The NES Classic Is Perfect For Gamers Like Me by Izlain

Game Review: Inside by Jorge Varela (Buttonsmashers)

Niantic CEO Wants Pokemon GO To Reach 200 Countries Worldwide by Mike Scorpio (Mikentendo 64)

We Might Have Figured Out Inside’s Entire Backstory by RaffiGraffiti (Geekend Gladiators)

CoroCoro Scans Reveal 2 New Pokemon (Kiteruguma & Mimikkyu) by JHLongman (Miketendo 64)

Oh, So That’s Why We Don’t Go To Ravenholm by Duckofindeed (United We Game)

The Underground Breathes New Life Into The Division by GamerCrash


VR Posts

5 Movie Franchises That Could Be Fun VR Experiences by GamerCrash

VR Is For Ad-V-entu-R-e: A Florida Story by Murf


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